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My husband has been diabetic for 36 years. He is 40. He started having problems with keeping an erection so his doctor put him on the Generic Viagra 50 mg. pill. He went to a site called Online Pharmacy and ordered a pack from There. Since he started off on Generic Viagra, He is a totally changed man. As I must say Generic Viagra works very well! Infact, We can go on for hours now. Our love life has never been better! And My husbands anxieties about not satisfying me and marriage that’s was on the rocks was finally saved.

I am a big Believer of Generic Viagra and recommend it to all who think their husbands are facing similar trouble. Take them into confidence and introduce them to Generic Viagra. It will do the same miracle that it did for me.

Carl, Montana

I started using 50mg Generic Viagra tablets in 1998 when the consumer prescription drug product first went on the market and became available through Online Pharmacy. I guess you could say in that respect I'm one of the pioneers. After a while, however, the 50mg tablet wasn't helping me maintain my erections as long as it originally did and it was taking longer and longer to get them, so I bumped the dosage and started acquiring 100mg packs from online Pharmacy. Wow--what a difference! Typically, with the 100mg pills I can get erections in 20 to 45 minutes and they're rock solid. I think that since I started using 100mg Generic Viagra about 4 years ago, it hasn't worked; possibly, 3 times; and the lack of performance at those times was undoubtedly stressed related. I don't know if Generic Viagra is supposed to prevent early ejaculation (not premature ejaculation early), but my staying power is off the chart compared to 5 years ago! It is so off the chart that sexual intimacy with my wife can be sustained, whether it's oral or by sexual intercourse, for 20 to 45 minutes to our extreme mutual pleasure. I couldn't last 2 minutes before the Generic Viagra medicine because I'm married to such a beautiful exotic, sensual, and erotic woman--even after 25 years--

Dick, L.A

Because of Generic Viagra medication therapy, my wife and I have achieved something in our marriage that we never accomplished pre-Generic Viagra--simultaneous orgasms virtually everytime we make love. We are convinced that the only way this is happening is because of my ability to maintain solid external reproductive organ erections for such extended periods of time due to the use of Generic Viagra impotence treatment, allowing my wife to be sexually stimulated and aroused long enough prior to my ejaculations for her to have multiple orgasms almost every lovemaking session we have--something that also never occurred before Generic Viagra erectile dysfunction remedy. I order a months supply from Online Pharmacy and use it often to satisfy my wife’s sexual needs. This has become quite a dramatic turn of events in our sexual relationship. My wife and know that Generic Viagra saved our sex life, and we think even our marriage. Thank God and for this wonder drug!

Dave, Philadelphia

I decided to start by taking 50mg of Generic Viagra a time (the "medium" dose), although I had my doctor prescribe 100's since the pills cost $8 each no matter what the dose at Online Pharmacy plus mailing charges. We had dinner, did some evening things. First drug experiences being what they are, I decided to start with a full 100 milligrams instead of 50. My wife looked at each me and laughed. Somewhere I still thought it was all going to be a dud, and nothing in how my body felt suggested otherwise. After about 45 minutes we got into bed, to see what happened. Some thing dramatic happened I was way over the head with dizziness going on in my body, although there was a vaguely heightened feeling down around my perineum. We had sex of a lifetime. After so many years I finally was able to satisfy both myself and my wife. Generic Viagra worked for me!

David, San Antonio

My problem has been impotence for the past few years and has become a problem issue between my wife and I. Earlier this year I saw a doctor who prescribed Generic Viagra and I bought it from Online Pharmacy. This was wonderful medicine as it worked like none other that I have used over the years Generic Viagra and Online Pharmacy!! YOU have saved my sex life and made my marriage whole again. My wife and I would like to thank you,. After 30 + years of a very successful marriage, it has gotten better because of this breakthrough in staying power. Thanks, I am reordering more tablets from Online Pharmacy as I am I am fully satisfied with the results of using Generic Viagra. It has improved very much what I believe to be Impotency.

Roger, Phoneix

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