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I'm mid-40s, in fairly good shape, and yet suffer from diminished response. Tried increased exercise, vitamins, testosterone, and human growth hormone (not all at once!, one at a time, for at least 3 months each). Nothing really worked. And so I ordered Generic Viagra from Online Pharmacy. I started off with 25 mg Generic Viagra and suddenly, youth was rediscovered. I have discovered that after a workout, on a fairly empty stomach, response is very quick and intense. Taken with meals it really causes a lag for me. If you are thinking about it, try it. It really does work. And Know what purchase it from Online Pharmacy, If you want to keep it a secret.

Bob, Nassu

I have not often had problems "getting it up", but I took a Generic Viagra sample from my doctor's office for the fun of it. Before I took the pill I could usually stay hard for 15 minutes before it started to get soft. Unfortunately, it usually takes my wife longer than that to have an organism. After taking Generic Viagra, I had no problem keeping it like a rock until she goes. Even after this I have full control of my penis and I am free to blow my load when I want! My load was also more intense, more explosive, and more voluminous. She loves me on the pill. No need to go to a doc to get a sample pack any more, I make an order at Online Pharmacy, its hassle free and more convenient.

Burt, Midwest

I began a relationship nine months ago with a woman 11 years younger than me. I had a lot of emotional issues in my life at the time and, to my embarrassment, I found I had problems getting or maintaining an erection. On searching the web I discovered Generic Viagra and decided to try it. I filled the form at Online Pharmacy, and prompt came the delivery. Generic Viagra, certainly solved my problem! My lady has been very kind and patient throughout this experience and I am happy to be able to give her complete sex rather than just oral. I have found that drinking a lot of water when I take the pill helps with the sinus stuffiness and facial flushing. There is a small loss of sensitivity that delays climaxing, but that turns out to be a good thing!

Bill, Madison county

I suffered total ED (erectile dysfunction). This went on for a number of years. Having met someone that was somewhat younger than me and interested in sex, I tried with her to no avail. I tried several more times without success. I began using Generic Viagra with terrific results. I still suffer ED without Generic Viagra but with 25 or 50 mg, my erections are very firm, the size seems to be much increased but that may be only due to "use", and I ejaculate with tremendous force and volume.

My regular supply comes from Online Pharmacy, a service which is expedient as well as hassle free. I have tried Generic Viagra100mg from time to time but actually seem to do better with the smaller doses. I read, and tried chewing up a 25 or 50 mg dose and it really works fast---tastes terrible but does increase the speed of erection. I suffer some flushing, and some headache and stuffiness but so what? I am having great sex on a regular basis for the first time in some 10 years. –

JR, Tampa

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