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The recent article on Discovery Channel provoked my interest in Generic Viagra. I was amazed at how much research has been done that supports its amazing benefits. So of course, I made a sample purchase from Online Pharmacy, as well as from a couple of others. I tried Generic Viagra 50mg pill 30 mintues before dinner and wow it gave the results I had never anticipated. Of course my girlfriend was also amazed. She continued to protest as she wanted to know what had suddenly caused such a difference of attitude in me. Finally I had to give in and confided the use of Generic Viagra. Since then she has become my number one supporter for the use.

Wade, Charlotte

I have been using Generic Viagra 100 md tablet split into two from a handy tablet cutter ( available from Online Pharmacy ) for about two months now, and I have already noticed an increase in size and energy plus harder and more frequent erections during the night. Not to mention my concentration level and overall mood. I used to think I was a manic depressant; I even tried other products as recommended by doctors, but it didn't work. My fiancée did not turn me on all the time either. Now it has all changed, thanks to Generic Viagra. She does not complain anymore. In fact, now she herself orders it for me from Online Pharmacy. Generic Viagra has totally changed our Sex life.

Don, Baltimore

A couple of years back was when I first tried Generic Viagra. I had just gotten married but due to stress and some mecical problems was having a difficult time keeping an erection. My doctor suggested the use of Generic Viagra. I availed it from Online Pharmacy. Due to my past experiences, I was not expecting much, but WOW was all I could say! I felt so positive and alive, and this feeling extended to the sexual, social and physical departments. I wonder if it's only Generic Viagra or something else which has changed the whole perspective of having sex for me. Now I take one pill of 50 mg and it works very well for me during the whole night. My wife and I are both having a great time.

Ted, Louisville

I have been recommending Generic Viagra to my patients who encounter problems like hypertension or other contraindications which affects their sexual relationship . Accessible through Online Pharmacy, I have found many of my patients informing of its astonishing results. I thought of trying it myself when faced with similar Ed problems and Oh my goodness! What an energy rush! I wasn't expecting much but this was superb. Generic Viagra has been good to me and still I had the energy to chase my two sons around until they were the ones that got worn out. Sorry if I sound silly, but I just want to go outside and run around all day. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Turner, Baltimore

I have been on cancer drugs for more than a year and sex had finally gone out of my life. A year or so has passed when I first came across Generic Viagra advertisement. Ordering it from Online Pharmacy I was a little hesitant, but the prompt delivery has made me abig fan of this site. I tried some pumps; they didn't work. I tried another enlargement pill; that didn't work. I tried the exercises; they were no good. I was getting quite annoyed by all these people claiming all these cures and none of them delivering! Online Pharmacy impressed me, so I figured I would try Generic Viagra and Thank God I did! After years of feeling humiliated because of ED I am finally able to raise my head proudly and say that I had real sex after almost one and a half year. Thank you so, so much Generic Viagra, I'm glad you are real!

Elvis, Memphis

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