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WHAT A RELIEF! I won't repeat what everyone else here has said, but last night was my first time trying Generic Viagra and it was awesome. I'm very glad I found this site first, On Line Pharmacy as it was very helpful. For example, Generic Viagra 25 mg WAS plenty and drinking a lot of water DID keep the headache and sinus pressure to a minimum. I bought a pill cutter too from Online Pharmacy and cut a 50 mg pill in half. It worked faster than a 1/2 hour and I had the first complete sexual experience in over 6 YEARS! It had been so long, that I was actually laughing and shaking uncontrollably. I haven't told my girlfriend that I'm using Generic Viagra yet......not sure how I'll do that, maybe I won't. Wish I'd tried it sooner, but glad I didn't wait any longer...

William, Austin

Others here have given all their success stories, so no reason to duplicate. I had purchased Generic Viagra from Online Pharmacy and am a regular user of Generic Viagra , But I just wanted to tell all about something that happened when I took a 100mg Generic Viagra pill. I had the blurred vision and blue/green color flashing for about 10 minutes. It was taken while drinking alcohol, so that may have had some effect. But nothing long term. Actually, it was funny how it affected the colors of my vision. Nothing to worry about, but don't drive or operate machinery while under the influence....of "V"! 100mg is a large dose, try a lower dose to reduce side effects.

Mark, New York

I had given up hope of ever having sexual intercourse again, I felt that I was incapable of pleasing my partner. I decided to give Generic Viagra a try. My doctor gave me a prescription for 10 50mg tabs, with directions for use. I purchased it from Online pharmacy and I CANNOT BELIEVE THE RESULTS! You can't believe the confidence I now have in my performance. I wasn't this good 40 years ago. Now I simply fill the form at online Pharmacy for Generic Viagra to buy it discreetly as I do not want my partner to know about my BIG secret. All who have ever faced a problem called Erectile Dysfunction should give Generic Viagra a try.

Jerry, Fort Lauderdale

I have been quite lucky. Although I am 62, I have firm and often erections due to the use of Generic Viagra, which I have recently started. I wanted all to know that although it has its good points, continuous erection in the night and the added benefit of multiple sessions and the morning after effect are well worth it. there is some flushing and stuffiness also which I face and take it as an after effect well worth it. I take 50mg 15 minutes before love making, and now I can spend hours with foreplay and not worry if I'm going to go soft or lose interest. I now look forward to romantic evenings and I initiate them. My wife is the one who is tremendously happy with the change she finds in me. Mostly she is the one who keeps a check on my stock and order it often from Online pharmacy. We have been so satisfied with Online Pharmacy’s service that it has become a regular site for most of our medical purchases.

Mel, Salisbury

I was hesitant about using Generic Viagra. Had a prescription for 6 months before I filled it at Online Pharmacy. After receiving Generic Viagra, I still left them on the table and searched about it on the web. Online Pharmacy gave a complete and satisfying profile of Generic Viagra. Even then it took a couple of weeks before I used it. Since then it has changed my wife's and my lives. 25mg begins to work in about 15 minutes to a half an hour and lasts for 3 hours or so, Able to have an erection and intercourse more than once in a few hours. Her climaxes are more intense than ever and whenever mine come they come, so to speak. Wish I could use it a few times a day. Lots of water when taking the pill helps alleviate stuffiness and slight headache. Wow!

Sid, New York City

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