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I tried my first dose of Generic Viagra two days ago and WOW!! - it really does everything that is claimed. I have been on drugs to control hypertension for over 10 years and have had to get the medication changed a couple of times because they were causing ED. Whilst my current drugs enable me to get an erection, it was nowhere near as hard as it used to be and sometimes my penis went soft before reaching orgasm - not a very satisfactory state of affairs for my partner.

Ordered pack from Online Pharmacy and after 30 mins of taking a 50mg dose of Generic Viagra (with no side effects other than a very mild headache), then - my penis is as stiff as it used to be when I was 15!. And what's more, there is more sensation and a slower build up to orgasm. I don't need to worry that the erection is going to disappear - my penis actually gets stiffer the longer that sexual stimulation continues. But it was after the first orgasm on Generic Viagra that I noticed the biggest improvement in my sex life - my penis only slowly started to lose the erection and I was able to continue manual stimulation and get it back to full hardness immediately. I have never before been able to do this because of how sensitive my penis usually gets immediately after orgasm. And I was able to achieve 5 orgasms in the space of 7 hours. Generic Viagra really does let you perform like a teenager again. For anyone thinking of giving Generic Viagra a try, then I have only one piece of advice - 'Do it, because your sex life will be dramatically improved.'

Cyrus, New Yor

I'm 48, and I can't believe I'm having the best sex of my life now thanks to Generic Viagra and Online Pharmacy for making it so simple to purchase it. The best part is no longer worrying about whether I'll be hardor not. With this stuff, I am always stiff, without fail. You have to experiment with the dosage and time lag. I started with 50 mg (good to rev my engine, I think) but ultimately found that 25 mg about 90 minutes before sex is ideal for me. Lower dosage means less nasal congestion and more feeling during sex. But 25 mg still leaves me rock hard and able to hold off climaxing just about as long as I want. This stuff rocks!

Manuel, Tampa

After being frustrated with a floppy half way through sex I decided to try 1/2 tablet of Generic Viagra. I'm 54, 6'1", 158 lbs and work out regularly, but even that was not enough to keep me hard. Easily Purchasable from Online Pharmacy I took a 50 mg of Generic Viagra and it did a miracle. I could have supported my whole body on my bone. It only took 15 minutes to start feeling a tingling in my balls and my penis starting rising in light heartbeat throbs. I stayed hard as long as I wanted to and only softened after ejaculation. Even then, after only a few minutes I was back up. The effects last up to 15 hours to some degree. I'm glad I got over my fear and went to see my Dr. about my ED and am forever thankful.

Jim, Palm Beach

I am truly enjoying my sexual rebirth. I tried Generic Viagra for the first time last week, one 50 mg pill 30 minutes before sex. WOW! I was rock hard for over 2 hours. It took a while for me to finish, but when i did, it was wild!! I decided I'll never have sex without Generic Viagra again and no more excuses, no more frustration, no more having to solely satisfy my girlfriend orally. I avail it from Online Pharmacy and so it is delivered to me on my doorstep, I just pop 25 mg, and before long, I am a sex machine. Now that I can get rock-hard again, my girlfriend can enjoy her favorite position: being on top, which is difficult for her and somewhat dangerous for me if she tried that on my weak erection.

Quaid, Sun City

My husband had testicular cancer last year and lost one "unit" to this, also had 6 months of chemotherapy and another major surgery. The good news is that he is cancer-free to date. The bad news has been his inability to get an erection since then! The doc said it was because the chemo killed a lot of the important blood vessels that he needs. I did not think it was such a problem, but he did. (Sometimes, he actually is smarter than me!) So he saw his urologist yesterday and was prescribed Generic Viagra. He ordered it from Online Pharmacy and He tried it for the first time, Generic Viagra worked very well!!! I did not realize the importance of "sex" in a relationship, but I guess he did. I hate to admit this, but we have not been able to have sex in over a year now. I did not understand his anger and frustration, but I think it was the "guy thing" that us females do not understand fully. (Self-esteem, "manhood," and all that.) He finally opened up to me about all of this frustration and told me he was prescribed Generic Viagra how he received it from Online Pharmacy and was anxious to know how it worked. Well...Generic Viagra did work! I feel a lot better about us (and me) now, and so does he. I, tonight, am still amazed at how much sex plays a role in a relationship. We are both 40 years old, and have been married for 7 years.

Thanks, Generic Viagra!

Wolpert, Buffalo

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