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I didn't even know what ED was, but although my wife and I had a satisfying sex life (and she has always been supportive of my performance), I was a bit concerned when I would lose my erection halfway through the act, or in some positions. I went g to the doctor when I read a magazine article in his waiting room about ED. After that I knew that I had a problem that I didn't even know about. After my check-up, I asked the doctor about ED and Generic Viagra. He checked me out and asked a few questions, and prescribed it to me. Since I was so embarrassed buying it from the drug store. I went to Online Pharmacy and ordered a batch. Now my sex life is as good as it has been in the past. Thanks to Generic Viagra.

Bill, Jacksonville

I tried my first dose of Generic Viagra some months ago and it really does everything that is promises.30 minutes after taking a 100mg dose of Generic Viagra (with no side effects), then - wow - my penis is as stiff as it used to be when I was 20!. And what's more, there is more sensation and the effect is wonderful. The good thing which came with Generic Viagra was that a friend introduced me to a site called Online Pharmacy which helped me buy Generic Viagra easily. Friendly customer support on the phone, helpful with product information! Best of all, my ED is fixed with the lowest price on the internet availed through Online Pharmacy!

Thomas, Columbus

I'm not sure who wants to thank Online Pharmacy more, me or my wife! Our love life is finally sparking, and it's thanks to you guys! For making Generic Viagra available on the net. Not only is our love life great, our budget is satisfactory with your guys great prices! Thanks a ton! I was able to have amazing sex an hour after taking Generic Viagra and I found that I was able to climax quicker. Basically Generic Viagra worked faster for me and with great results. Didn't have the intensity of facial flushing but then who is looking for any side effect when one wants to revive that old life which had gone missing once erectile Dysfunction had set in.

Tom, Boston

About four months ago I bought a 3-month supply of Generic Viagra from Online Pharmacy because the need to use it more frequently had come up. After 10 years of facing embarrassment due to Ed, Generic Viagra is a wonder drug which has come to my life as a savior. I face the problem of Ed from very early on in my marriage since I was taking medications for Blood pressure. My sex life had become zero, although My wife had been quite patient through out. When I read on the website Online Pharmacy, its availability, I ordered a lot. Generic Viagra pills do A LOT more than that. I can last for hours now, actually giving my wife multiple orgasms and it feels so good. My sex life has never been better and I'm going to keep buying from Online Pharmacy because it really does work.

Bearn, Austin

I would like to use this opportunity to express my gratitude for the fast delivery of my order that I placed at online Pharmacy for Generic Viagra. I also wanted to let everybody know about my experience of Generic Viagra. This drug is better than I expected. I have been taking it for the past 4 weeks and I already feel a tremendous impact on my system. Up till now, I had been just thinking at what it will do. Buying it from Online Pharmacy It is a lot more convenient. My sex life has never been the same (you should talk to my wife -- she said she will email you too). I also have a LOT more energy throughout the day, I don't stress over little annoying things every day and overall I am just so much happier. So once more, thank you sincerely for making this product available.

Wiker, Memphis

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