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Thank you for your prompt response, Online Pharmacy. I had logged in to check about Generic Viagra and how to procure it for a sample test. Ed had been very emotionally draining as well as frustrating, but hearing your words of encouragement helped motivate me just when I feel I can't go on. I sincerely appreciate Online Pharmacy’s reply and assistance in buying prescript Generic Viagra 50 mg> since I have started using. I never had any problems, not even headaches on a regular basis, but only improved erections! I suffer from diabetes and impotence is part of the problem. I was scared Generic Viagra would affect my heart, but after 2 years of taking it everything's alright. Now I am a confident user of Generic Viagra, it saved my sexual life and I wouldn't change it with any other pill. I've heard about other pills available for Ed but I think that I will stick to it.

Lawrence, Las Vegas

I am 48 years old. After my prostate surgery erectile dysfunction was inevitable. My doctor prescribed me Generic Viagra from the very beginning. I am happy he did so because I don't think there's anything better. Now I simply order it from Online Pharmacy for prompt doorstep delivery. I don't have to plan anything and risks are low. I achieve better results, is easy to use, acts quickly and do not gives me side effects. I noticed better effects when I am taking Generic Viagra without eating anything. I think that this way Generic Viagra enters into the blood flood stream faster giving better results. I think I have come to love this medicine as it is just what a man can ask for from an ED pill: to work fast and last long. I am a loyal consumer of Generic Viagra ever since."

Mark, Sacramento

"I am turning 50. When I discussed with my urologist about Generic Viagra and other Ed pills available in the market, His response was not too good. Infact he did not encourage me at all because of the side effects involved. A colleague told me about Generic Viagra and how he usually procures it from Online Pharmacy. My wife convinced me about taking a sample pack. What else could have been better than getting it hassle free from Online Pharmacy. So I placed an order, I am using it for the past six months I saw it for myself that it only has mild side-effects. After two days of sex with my wife I had a light back pain and runny nose. It didn't bother me too much. Now I use Generic Viagra regularly, it works for me well with mild side effects and gives hard results :)"

Allen, Virginia Beach

I'm 39 years old and until about a year I always had a normal sex life but then, I just couldn’t get a normal erection. Stress, fatigue...doctors have told me thousands of reasons for my sudden impotence. I started reading about Generic Viagra and also talked to couple of friends who have been using it. They all gave me a mixed response. Finally, I ended up on Online Pharmacy. Where I got complete information about Generic Viagra. I was ready to give it a try and what better because the site also delivers prescribed medicines. I placed an order and was happy to see the package. All I have to say is that Generic Viagra is the best thing that could happen to me...and to our couple."

It would be too long to tell you about the whole story but let’s just say that Generic Viagra helped us a great deal in saving our marriage.

Astor, Albuquerque

I recently purchased a bottle of Generic Viagra from Online Pharmacy. As I see it, buying iot online is much easier and convenient than going to a drug store to buy it... All those inquisitive faces of other customers and the questioning look of your druggist... Well I am happier buying Generic Viagra from Online Pharmacy. Generic Viagra really does work wonders for people like me who have had Ed for the past ten years. I tell you, if it wasn't working; I wouldn't have bought more of it nor be writing this at the moment. For some it affects rather more quikly than with others. I take a 100 mg pill just after dinner and wow. It lasts till morning… I feel more sensation and am happy that I satisfied myself totally.

Mark Dalton, Florida

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