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I am very physically fit. I have noticed I avoid sex because my wife likes to spend hours with me, and I have to maintain my erection or she will feel I'm not interested in her. I spend more time during sex wondering how long will I last. Now even though I get erections naturally, I take 50mg of Generic Viagra procured from Online Pharmacy 15 minutes before love making, and now I can spend hours with foreplay and not worry if I'm gonna go soft or lose interest. I now look forward to romantic evenings and I initiate them. Although I was quit unconvinced at first about Generic Viagra could do for me, I'm glad that curiosity had the best of me and that I did give it a try. My Doctors had over the years recommended other medicines used for Ed but they never were as satisfactory as Generic Viagra has been. Now I regularly fill a prescription from Online Pharmacy for Generic Viagra.

Samuel, Long each

My erection was no longer as hard as usual especially when having sex nightly, so my wife did not enjoy sex anymore. At friends place this discussion came up and I reluctantly joined in. For the first time I felt that there were others who were suffering from the same problem as I was and that there was a very definite solution for it Generic Viagra. Invented just for the correction of Erectile Dysfunction. So I decided to try a 25mg Generic Viagra pill. I selected a site called Online Pharmacy and ordered it from there. With a an hour of taking Generic Viagra, I could feel my penis get erect, getting harder than usual and lasting longer too. We really enjoy sex like we were still 25 years old. I plan to take Generic Viagra as long as I live, and buying it from Online Pharmacy "

Ken, Tucson

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After I started taking blood pressure medication, I noticed a distinct change in my ability to get an erection and keep it long enough to be of any use. It was impossible to have sex in any position except the missionary position and my ability to satisfy my wife vaginally went to zero. She is a wonderful person and never complained but recognizing that our lovemaking wasn't mutually satisfying made it even more difficult to achieve an adequate erection.

When I told my doctor of the problem, he suggested the use of Generic Viagra. I got them from Online Pharmacy and I tried it without telling my wife what was going on. She noticed that I was longer and with more girth immediately. I satisfied her in the missionary position and then turned her over and finished "doggy style", which I haven't been able to do for years. We didn't try to make love again that night even though I could have done so within 20 minutes. I was shocked at how well it had worked. The following morning I was ready, willing and able to go for round 2. She climbed on top, again for the first time in years, and rode me until she had satisfied herself. I wanted another shot at doggy style and it worked great. Can't say enough about how well Generic Viagra worked. I'm a changed man and both of us are amazed at the difference."

Matt, New Orleans

"I am a 39 year old male and in good health and fairly fit, but realized a while back that sometimes I had a hard time maintaining an erection. I am single, but I do date a lot and I believe many times the problem was due to anxiety and pressure to perform with someone new. I bought three 100mg Generic Viagra pills online from Online Pharmacy and a $4.00 pill splitter. After doing extensive research, I decided to split the pills and take only 25mg last night. kicked in after about 20-30 minutes and that was just perfect, as I knew where the evening was going. I had alcohol and dinner before I took it. She is a beautiful woman with a great body and I did not think I needed it with her, but let me just say...after the 5th time...I am not kidding. I felt like a stud and since I took an Advil with the pill to prevent headaches afterwards, I had absolutely no side affects."

David, Kansas City

"I am 65 years old, and my girlfriend is 57. We are very sexually active, and with 25mg, believe it or not, we go on for sometimes 2 hours. We ordered a batch from Online pharmacy, amazed at how conveniently it is supplied. Prior to using Generic Viagra I could not control orgasm for longer than three to five minutes.. It has renewed our sexual relationship. She is very unusual, as she can have more orgasms in 10 minutes, than other women have in a month, in addition what is incredible, is that all I have to do is let her ride on me, and she just continues to orgasms one after another. I am in heaven. Thank you Generic Viagra."

Greg, Fresno


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