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At 57 years old I had the classic symptoms of what I now know as the "male menopause", tired, lack of sex drive generally feeling washed out. It had gone up so much that spending time alone with my wife used to become a period of tension for me. I did not want her to find out so I went for a check up. My prostate screening came up negative and all I came to know of was I am a classic example of ED. My Doctor advised me on Generic Viagra, I was reluctant to take it due to all the information filtering about its side effects. After watching a documentary on the use of Generic Viagra to boost libido, I ordered some from online Pharmacy. Now I feel like I'm in my teens again and can't believe it's taken me so long to discover this amazing product called Generic Viagra!

Eddie Havers, Cincinatti, Ohio

Impotence is a terrible condition. Men suffering from this will tell you what a great strain this is on your relationship. Thank God my wife has been patient and understanding throughout my ordeal. Now I have gone some way to improving my quality of life. Thanks for the discreet delivery of Generic Viagra from Online Pharmacy. It was by accident while browsing the web that I came to know about it. It was the luckiest accident of my life and luckily enough Online Pharmacy was there to deliver it so quickly as wanted to have a go at it as soon as I had read about Generic Viagra. One 100 mg dose was enough to rock me.

I am essentially grateful to Generic Viagra for restoring my self confidence and saving my sex life.

John Markhaller, Wisconsin

The Generic Viagra I bought from a Online Pharmacy turned my life on a rebound a I had no notion that my ED if not totally cured will have a remedy of this sort. I am glad that I chose to use Generic Viagra instead of other medicines available as it certainly is an incredible drug before sex, and only the 50 mg dose. Works great, and no side effects noticed. I find that 25 mg two hours prior to sex is best for me, and allows sensitivity, to remain at its peak. . I notice that drinking alcohol reduced the effectiveness of the Generic Viagra. My solution was NO alcohol. When trying 50 or 100,mg, it took away much of the feeling, and you need stimulation to maintain erection. More is definitely not better but not in my case.

Tom, Milwaukee

For two years I had been telling my own doctors that I had a problem. They didn't care and wouldn't listen. A pal introduced me to Online Pharmacy and Generic Viagra’s availability at the site. and within two weeks I was on the mend. My sex life has never looked back. Wow! Generic Viagra. Boy, am I glad he did! The first time he tried it, one 50 mg pill did nothing so he took another and that was a mistake. Three hours later he was still rock hard and had come multiple times (so had I)!! Since then a single 50 mg dose does it very well--he's now good for almost 2 hours of good hard sex that leaves both of us worn out. –

Bobbie, USA

I have been on blood pressure meds for years. I was having no problem getting hard but I would lose it right in the middle of sex. I asked one doctor about Generic Viagra because my wife was blaming herself, saying she did not turn me on anymore, I did not find her attractive, etc. Well, the doctor said to use more direct stimulation, so I shocked him and said how much more direct can you get than a blowjob. I would go soft during a blowjob. I went to a different doctor and he asked me if I wanted to try Generic Viagra and I said yes. I placed an order on Online pharmacy, Online Pharmacy delivered it discreetly. I will never forget the first time I tried it. I split a 100 mg in half, went and took a shower and was anticipating sex with my wife and thinking about her and wham, I got hard! I wanted to run out and show her, but didn't. We went to bed and soon she looked over at me and my erection, her eyes get big and she said, "Oh my God, look at how big and hard you are and I haven't even touched you yet." She and I both loved it. I get erections like I was 18! I last longer before I come, I am larger and very hard, and like many have said, I can repeat again soon if I want and the effects last even into the next a.m. To make a long story short, a doctor and a little blue pill saved my marriage. –

Mack, Nebraska

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