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I suffered total ED (erectile dysfunction). This went on for a number of years. Having met someone that was somewhat younger than me and interested in sex, I tried with her to no avail. IT was utter embarrassment for me in front of her. My friend advised me on using Generic Viagra. Cheaply available from Online Pharmacy, I have tried 100 mg from time but actually seem to do better with the smaller doses. I read, and tried chewing up a 25 or 50 mg dose and it really works fast---tastes terrible but does increase the speed of erection. are very firm, the size seems to be much increased but that may be only due to "use", and I ejaculate with tremendous force and volume.

I suffer some flushing, and some headache and stuffiness but so what? I am having great sex on a regular basis for the first time in some 10 years, all due to Generic Viagra.

Sam, Cincinnati

I was really traumatized at the thought of going to the pharmacy to get Generic Viagra, so I ordered a pack from Online Pharmacy. I realized what a beautiful thing! It is and since I order from Online Pharmacy I do not have to be embarrassed infront of my wife. It works very well aer about 30 minutes. I get the type of erection that feels more powerful as I use it. It also helps me to last longer before I climax, it's a beautiful thing considering my sex life was pretty much non-existent before. I dreaded the dating scene and totally avoided it. But now I have a wonderful girlfriend and she understands my situation and it's not hard to work with the problem, it only takes a slight bit of pre-planning to make things work great. An added bonus for me is that the residual effects

Of Generic Viagra last until morning and we can get an addition "session" in before work - BONUS!

Rick, Spokane

After reading an article about ED that had a questionnaire to see if I fit the profile, I was surprised to find that I did. I had thought that ED was for guys that couldn't get erect at all, but while I could, I didn't always successfully maintain it. And once lost I couldn't get hard again for many hours. Pretty disconcerting when after 30 minutes of hot foreplay, the wife is revved up and I only have a limp noodle to work with. So I ordered Generic Viagra from Online Pharmacy and did not tell my wife. Just like others have written I experienced a mild headache and nasal congestion. But once prompted, it didn't take much, I got a rock hard erection that lasts longer than I've ever had. I stayed hard longer than ever and gave her quite a workout. And if I can keep her interested, I can get hard again in about 15-20 minutes after I cum. I still haven't told her which makes spontaneous sex a little tricky. I've been ready to go more than once and we've been interrupted, which can be uncomfortable. Now I don't worry Generic Viagra , has just taken all my worries to boot, and I look forward to those many romantic weekend getaways where we never leave our room. -

Ryan, Delaware

I had an accident back in '96 that put me in a coma for 6 weeks, and left me unable to walk at all. I had a hard time performing sexually too. I got a prescription from my doctor for 5 pills of Generic Viagra

And I ordered it from Online Pharmacy. I was sort of skeptical to say the least, but had heard some stories that left me curious. I was sort of embarrassed to get caught buying it, so availability of Generic Viagra from Online Pharmacy was a n added advantage. The doctor told me when he prescribed it that the first time I tried some it would take a little while to work, like almost an hour, and to be patient. So I took it, and set back to wait. I was surprised to find out that I didn't have to wait near that long. I was ready to go in fifteen minutes, and went a little longer than she wanted me to go. No more pre-ejaculation at all. It made her kind of tender down there, so I had to take it very easy on her for the next four pills of Generic Viagra. I am a firm Believer in Generic Viagra for sure now. A FIRM BELIEVER! It's Great.

Miguel, Bronxville

I didn't even know what ED was, but although my wife and I had a satisfying sex life (and she has always been supportive of my performance), I was a bit concerned when I would lose my erection halfway through the act, or in some positions. I was going to a urologist for a prostate problem when I read a magazine article in his waiting room about ED. It was me! I had a problem that I didn't even know about. After my check-up, I asked the doctor about ED and Generic Viagra. He checked me out and asked a few questions, then gave me a prescription. I ordered si50 mg tablet of Generic Viagra from Online Pharmacy. My erection was harder and longer and bigger than it had ever been! It shocked ME! Well, once might be a fluke, so I tried it again, the next night. Soon the six tabs were gone and I had to order more from Online Pharmacy. At 56, I was expected to have SOME reduction in my sex drive, but the confidence Generic Viagra gave me, and the actual effects, got me going. The results have been astonishing! I was now convinced that Generic Viagra WAS everything it was supposed to be. I finally told my wife what was happening, and she loved it! She told me that she can't believe what Generic Viagra has done to my erection, and to our sex life. She told me she had initial reservations about taking a drug like this, but after seeing how it works, she's glad I got the prescription.. The usual 2-3 positions have now expanded to 5-6. My erection lasts until I'm done, which may be 30 minutes or more. I can also now repeat the act, usually within 10-15 minutes, with another full erection, which also may last 30 or more minutes. I'm happier, my wife is definitely happier, and I am so glad I "stumbled" across that ED article in my doctor's office and its easy availability from Online Pharmacy, I've regained my youth sexually, and that ain't small potatoes!

Harry, Staten Island

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