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I was losing my erection during intercourse and during oral sex with my girlfriend. I am in good health and have always enjoyed sex. It was difficult to pinpoint the problem so I decided to order some Generic Viagra from Online Pharmacy. After a brief consultation from Online Pharmacy which decided I was suffering from slight ED, I ordered my Generic Viagra which arrived in two days. I ordered 4x100mg pills and on the weekend decided to give it a go without saying anything to my girlfriend. 35 minutes before we went to bed I took half a pill, and WOW!! What a difference. I had a rock hard erection for over an hour of non stop sex. Even after I had climaxed I was ready to go again in twenty minutes, which we did. this lasted for over two hours, and I was still hard in the shower after. It was like being a teenager over again. Amazing!! If you have a problem with ED, try Generic Viagra, it is great!! –

David, Bird Ville

From age 45 I had trouble getting and keeping an erection so sex was so rare an event my wife came off the pill. Unknown to her (I was embarrassed). Seraching on the net one day I came across Generic Viagra on Online Pharmacy and made a comment about it infront of my wife who immediately got the jist of the matter and ordered a pack of 50 mg Generic Viagra from Online Pharmacy. I immediately gave one a try and had much success. As that band wore out very quickly, due to over-use (do you know what I mean), I placed my second order for 3 bands from online Pharmacy. Ordering and delivery is so trouble-free Now I am ordering for the third time. Guess What? I did not realize my wife was in the middle of her fertile time so, she fell pregnant. She is 46 but so far the doctor says all is well and we expect our 4th child in a couple of months time. Thank you Generic Viagra. –

William, Baldwin

After suffering a severe heart attack in 1996 I was put on several different med's to aid in my recovery and assist in assuring a recuperance. All of theses meds had a common side effect which is impotence. I could achieve an erection but was unable to maintain it long enough to satisfy my wife or myself. After my doctor prescribed Generic Viagra in 50 mg doses decide buying from Online Pharmacy since I did not want to face a questioning look from my druggist. It worked wonders for me as the moment I took a 50 mg pill after dinner I was able to get hard and fuck until we both cum and repeated again in a couple of hours. I am as hard as i was at 20 and it feels wonderful as well as satisfactory. Generic Viagra U made My Life!

Albert, Honolulu

I'm a 60 year old woman, and I'd just like to share MY experience with Generic Viagra. Me and My husband have been having issues with sex for a few years now, and I was left totally un-satisfied and embarrassment and mood fluctuations for my husband. I consulted at a site called Online Pharmacy and they suggested I put him on Generic Viagra. Hesitantly I ordered a 25mg tab of Generic Viagra bought from Online Pharmacy. Now, My hubby can get it up, keep it up, and keep going for hours. It's literally been 10 years since he has been able to go long enough to make me come during sex, and now, It's every time. Thanks Generic Viagra! And Thanks to Online Pharmacy for making this wonder drug available from their site.

Max, Daytona

I am a 39 year old male and in good health and fairly fit, but realized a while back that sometimes I had a hard time maintaining an erection. I am single, but I do date a lot and I believe many times the problem was due to anxiety and pressure to perform with someone new. I bought three 100mg Generic Viagra pills from Online Pharmacy and a $4.00 pill splitter. After doing extensive research, on Generic Viagra I decided to split the pills and take only 25mg last night. kicked in after about 20-30 minutes and that was just perfect, as I knew where the evening was going. I had alcohol and dinner before I took it. She is a beautiful woman with a great body and I did not think I needed it with her, but let me just say...after the 5th time...I am not kidding, she said: Please no I felt like a stud and since I took an Advil ( also available from Online Pharmacy) with the pill to prevent headaches afterwards, I had absolutely no side affects.

Paul, Chicago

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