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If you have a problem with ED, try Generic Viagra, it is great!! . I was losing my erection during intercourse and during oral sex with my girlfriend. I am in good health and have always enjoyed sex. It was difficult to pinpoint the problem so I decided to order some Generic Viagra from Online Pharmacy . After a brief consultation at Online Pharmacy, I ordered my Generic Viagra which arrived in two days. I ordered 4x100mg pills and on the weekend decided to give it a go without saying anything to my girlfriend. 35 minutes before we went to bed I took half a pill, and WOW!! what a difference. I had a rock hard erection for over an hour of non stop sex. Even after I had climaxed I was ready to go again in twenty minutes, which we did. this lasted for over two hours, and I was still hard in the shower after. It was like being a teenager over again. Amazing!!

Steve, Baltimore

Things couldn’t be better for an middle aged man suffering severly from Ed since I first took Generic Viagra. From age 45 I had trouble getting and keeping an erection so sex was so rare an event my wife came off the pill. During net browsing I found out about Generic Viagra, I ordered it from Online Pharmacy and waited to see the results. Unknown to her (I was embarrassed) I took Generic Viagra, It was good she did not know because of the surprise that I gave her. The look on her face is what I remember the most. She loved it and now I regularly post orders at Online pharmacy for my regular supply. I did not realize she was in the middle of her fertile time so guess what, she fell pregnant. She is 46 but so far the doctor says all is well and we expect our 4th child in a couple of months time. Thank you Generic Viagra. –

Dave, New Mexico

After suffering a severe heart attack in 1996 I was put on several l different med's to aid in my recovery and assist in assuring a reoccurrence. All of theses meds had a common side effect which is impotence. I could achieve an erection but was unable to maintain it long enough to satisfy my wife or myself. After my doctor prescribed Generic Viagra in 50 mg doses I checked at Online Pharmacy for its availability. Since it is I ordered it from Online Pharmacy. Now I am again able to get hard and fuck until we both cum and can repeat again in a couple of hours. I am as hard as i was at 20 and it feels wonderful and is also bigger. –

Rod, Midwest

I am a 40 year old male. I have been married for over 16 years. I am very physically fit. I have noticed I avoid sex because I have to maintain my erection or my wifee will feel I'm not interested in her. I spend more time during sex wondering how long will I last. Now even though I get erections naturally, Generic Viagra have saved this period of tension that I face regularly. I take 50mg 15 minutes before love making, and now I can spend hours with foreplay and not worry if I'm gonna go soft or lose interest. I now look forward to romantic evenings and I initiate them. I keep a supply of Generic Viagra bought from Online Pharmacy.

Matt, Charlotte

After I started taking blood pressure medication, I noticed a distinct change in my ability to get an erection and keep it long enough to be of any use. It was impossible to have sex in any position except the missionary position and my ability to satisfy my wife vaginally went to zero. She is a wonderful person and never complained but recognizing that our lovemaking wasn't mutually satisfying made it even more difficult to achieve an adequate erection. I talked this to my Doctor who advised the use of Generic Viagra. I kept it a secret and ordered a discreet delivery from Online Pharmacy. I am happy that I use Generic Viagra. It has saved my marriage as now I maintain a good erection during intercourse. Thank you Generic Viagra!

Will, Fort Worth

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