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Sildenafil And Muscular Dystrophy

Sildenafil Citrate is certainly one of the best known medications that are nowadays available on the market. Its popularity is the result of its efficiency in treating a male problem, namely erectile dysfunction. This medication has been developed in the late 1990s with the primary aim to treat angina, a condition causing chest pain. The clinical trials have however revealed that this medication can be even more efficient in treating male impotency than in treating angina. As a result, Generic Viagra has ever since then remained the main treatment in cases of erectile dysfunction.

The mechanism that makes Sildenafil so powerful in its fight against erectile dysfunction has been shown to have potential in the treatment of other medical conditions. Sildenafil is currently the subject of various clinical trials trying to assess whether this medication can be used in young individuals suffering from muscular dystrophy. Muscular dystrophy is a medical condition that causes heart problems in pre-teen and adolescent individuals. It is actually caused by a degrading of the muscular tissue in the body and which also affects the heart. In time, the condition may severely affect the quality of life of those suffering from it and if left unattended it may even cause death.

Researchers argue that there are reasons to believe that Sildenafil could help these patients. What Sildenafil actually does is that it improves the blood circulation throughout the body. Its action is targeted against the so called PDE 5 proteins which are known to cause the damaging of the blood vessels and thus to reduce the blood circulation throughout the body. An increased blood circulation can have tremendous positive effects on patients suffering from muscular dystrophy as a better blood circulation promotes a healthier muscular system. Yet, the research has only been carried out on mice and this drug is still not being used for this type of treatment but the odds are that it might be in the future.

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The Dating Game

Every single man knows that sexual activity can be an important part of the dating process. During this intimate time, partners learn a great deal about each other and can find out if the pairing is potentially the start of a serious relationship. However, when the sexual activity is not up to the satisfactory standards of the man or woman, it could put a quick end to a relationship that could be quite good. If a man is serious about finally meeting the right woman, it is a good idea to treat conditions like erectile dysfunction and impotence with generic Viagra before they ruin a great chance at a relationship.

Most men will think that problems with their erectile function will only be a passing phase. In some cases, this is quite true, but for a large number of men the situation becomes chronic and can rear its ugly head at any time. By keeping a supply of generic Viagra handy, a man will never need to question whether his body will respond in the right way to a sexual situation. Men that have erectile dysfunction can use the medication as a crutch and will be able to confidently enter any dating situation that could end in a sexual encounter.

It is no secret that dating can be hard, but there is no reason for a man to make it harder than it should be. A problem like erectile dysfunction is a common condition and one that generic Viagra was built specifically to treat. With everyone from former presidential candidates and sports stars admitting to using the drug on a regular basis, it is no surprise that generic Viagra has become such an international sensation. This medication allows a man to join the ranks of those who date with confidence and are open to relationship possibilities.

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Generic Viagra And Young Men

What effect does Generic Viagra have on young men?

Even if they don’t have erectile dysfunctions and they are not impotent, some young men use Generic Viagra. But why?

Most of them want a better sexual performance, which means a higher number of sexual contacts that last longer and a shorter period between the sexual contacts.

The majority of today’s young men want to be super-potent, they want to impress their partners and Generic Viagra helps them in improving their sexual performance. Normally, after ejaculation, the penis enters a period in which it doesn’t respond to any stimulus. This period can last a few minutes, half an hour or several hours in case of older men.
Generic Viagra has an effect of reducing this relaxing period between the sexual contacts, making it possible to continue the sexual intercourse even after ejaculation.

Generic Viagra maintains the erection after ejaculation. Sometimes after 4-5 minutes after an orgasm, sexual contact can be restarted.
Viagra also has an effect of making the sexual intercourse last longer, delaying the ejaculation. The dose for young men is usually 25 mg or 50 mg. For this dose there is an active period of 4-5 hours with several sexual contacts in this period.
Sometimes young men split the Viagra pill in half or 4 quarters, reducing the price of the medicine.

Young men have few contraindications for the Viagra administrations because their health condition is very good.
But men who use this type of pills have a risk of having fertility problems because the drug can affect the quality of the sperm and reduces its ability to fertilize the ovules. Being used mostly by older men, this side effect hasn’t been seriously considered by scientists, but it is a true danger for the younger thrill seekers.

In conclusion, young men buy Viagra Online to improve sexual performance and not because of erectile dysfunction.

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Viagra Uses

Viagra isn’t just an erectile dysfunction medication, it can also be used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension. Pulmonary arterial hypertension is a sudden increase in blood pressure of the pulmonary arteries or veins. Pulmonary arterial hypertension can be a very serious condition that needs to be treated or it could possibly lead to heart failure. Seeing as the drug can be used to treat two conditions there are definitely differences within the way the drug may be consumed, if you are using it for erectile dysfunction then it’s just suppose to be taken one time a day. Whereas someone with pulmonary arterial hypertension may have to consume the drug three times a day at a higher or lower milligram. There are always certain specifications within any type of medication, that is why you must always consult with your doctor. If your doctor says you have underlying conditions and taking this medication will only make it worse, then you need to search for other options to cure your erectile dysfunction. What helps someone and leads to great results, may not always be the right thing for you. Everyone is unique especially when it comes to medications and conditions. Viagra Online isn’t the name of the actual chemical compound of the drug, it is just a trade name such as Cialis or Levitra which are Viagra’s two main competitors on the market. Sildenafil is the medication which comes in a generic or cheaper form as well. But before purchasing any type of medication whether it be online or at your local pharmacy always make sure to get in contact with your general doctor beforehand or you actually could be doing more harm than good. And before talking to your doctor make sure this erectile dysfunction treatment is the right thing for you and your partner right now.

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The Price Issue

With the cost of medications reaching all-time highs, it is no wonder that people have started looking for cheaper alternative to branded medications. In the case of Viagra, there is a generic alternative, one that easily resolves the price issue and allows a man to have his medication of choice without spending an arm and a leg. When first looking at generic Viagra, most men believe that the price is too good to be true, but there are a number of factors involved in the pricing of the drug that must be considered for a full understanding. After learning these different aspects, the man will see that generic Viagra is a valid medication and will satisfy his needs at a discount price.

Although many men are familiar with the term of generics in the context of medications, few of these men understand the real difference between branded and generic Viagra. A company that manufactures branded drugs does all of the research and development work or buys it from teams of researchers. On the other hand, a generic company only takes the existing formula for a drug and then reproduces it. In terms of pricing, the obvious difference is the money spent by both of the two types of companies. In addition to inventing the drug, the branded company must bring it to market, an expensive endeavor that requires ad campaigns and a big budget.

Apart from the generic versus branded aspect, there is another part of the price issues. This is the location where the generic Viagra is sold. The branded version is only sold at retail pharmacies. These locations have a high cost of operation and their expenses are directly reflected in their prices. At the other end of the spectrum, Viagra Online pharmacies that sell generic Viagra have only the bare minimum of operating expenses and can sell their products cheaply.

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