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Viagra: Present and Future Benefits

It has been shown that in cases of men with heart failure, Viagra can be quite helpful at times, if it is taken under medical supervision. Tests  have shown that Viagra is likely to decrease the heart rate and lower the blood pressure during exercise. Since having sex is a sort of an exercise, as it involves physical effort, it follows that such effects take place during intercourse as well.

On the other hand, people suffering from life threatening conditions such as pulmonary arterial hypertension could also benefit from Viagra. It so happens that in many cases Viagra helps the blood vessels relax and hypoxia and pulmonary hypertension can be kept under control.

Although nothing conclusive has so far come out of studies concerning the effect of Viagra on women, certain tests carried out at an institute in Nevada indicate that Viagra may be able to add blood flow to the uterus, by helping the veins relax and be more flexible. Since one of the causes why many women are unable to conceive is the lack of blood irrigation in the uterus area, this could prove to be a valuable discovery.

Moreover, men who take Viagra quite often have reported night time and early morning erections and while this  in itself  doesn’t necessarily mean anything out of the ordinary, this type of erections are believed to help with the general potency of the individual in question. Viagra is also believed to help increase the velocity of one’s sperm: which actually means that the sperm itself does not become more able to fertilize, but it has its capacity to move increased, which helps in this respect.

Therefore the benefits of Viagra are numerous and many of them are yet to be discovered. Studies and research are still being carried out at it is expected that soon enough amazingly good news will be made public. Meanwhile, one can only get a prescription or buy Viagra Online and use the blue pill the  way it’s supposed to be used.

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Viagra Effects on Certain Medical Conditions

Viagra, the world’s leading treatment for erectile dysfunction, is generally approved for most healthy men to take to relieve their symptoms. Even when a man does have a health problem or a medical condition, he can often still take Viagra, though he may require additional supervision or a specialized dosage of the medication. There are some health conditions, however, that can be seriously negatively impacted by the use of Viagra.  Patients who have these conditions or a history of or a propensity toward certain conditions may still be able to use the medication though they will likely require the thorough advice of a doctor. It’s always better to be safe than sorry though, so all patients are encouraged to speak with their doctors about their current health status and their medical history before they begin using Generic Viagra.

It is especially important for men with certain conditions or histories that are known to be very sensitive to Viagra usage to speak with their doctors. These conditions include being a smoker and/or having had any complications related to smoking; having had an erection lasting for several hours; dehydration; pulmonary veno occlusive disease; ulcers; heart disease; kidney disease; liver disease; heart attack and/or irregular heartbeat; stroke; high blood pressure; low blood pressure; high cholesterol; blood or bleeding disorders or diseases; angulation; cavernosal fibrosis; Peyronie’s disease; diabetes; eye disease; or sudden vision loss. Patients should also tell their doctors if they have ever been warned against sexual activity due to medical problems, if they have experienced pain in the chest during sexual activity, and if any other pains or problems have occurred during sexual activity.

Sadly, many men will not alert their doctors as to the existence of certain conditions because they are scared they will not be able to take Viagra. Usually, most men, no matter what their conditions, will be allowed to take some form of Viagra. If a particular man is not, it is for his own health and safety, which is always the most important thing.

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Viagra Overview

Many of you may be aware of the fact that Viagra is an erectile dysfunction pill, but how many of you actually know details about how it works and why it is so popular?  After having been tested and researched upon for years, Viagra was finally approved and it was released on the market in 1998. It was an immediate boom and it soon became very popular on all continents.

The surveys carried out showed that in the first ten years of Viagra being on the market more than 1 billion pills were sold and that the rhythm of the sales was pretty amazing: every second  about three pills of Viagra were and are still being sold worldwide.

The fact of the matter is that Viagra has proven to be very effective when it comes to correcting male impotence. It helps blood vessels be more flexible and helps getting an erection. You may or may not know that an erection is caused by the fact that more blood goes in than comes out of the penis. For a few hours. Anything of this sort that lasts for more than four hours is highly dangerous for the well being of the penis and can cause long term  problems and damages.
What they tried at one point was testing Viagra on women to see if the blue pill could cure or improve women’s lack of sexual desire. The results were inconclusive and what’s more, Viagra proved to be unhealthy for certain categories of women, especially for pregnant women, for women who had just given birth and were breast feeding and so on and so forth. So having a woman take Viagra is not a very good idea (but ladies, go ahead and Buy Viagra for your partner) but if it still happens, for whatever reason- people make mistakes, right?- it is highly important that the woman sees a doctor right away.

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