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Viagra Offers Hope

When a man is first diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, a condition that makes it difficult or even impossible for him to get or to maintain an erection and thus to engage in sexual intercourse or sexual activity, life can start to feel extremely hopeless. Many men who suffer from this condition have to deal with not only its physical side effects, but its emotional ones as well. It is not uncommon for erectile dysfunctions sufferers to develop depression, low self esteem, relationship problems, social and relationship withdrawal, isolation, and even anxiety disorders and suicidal thoughts. When all of these issues, compounded with the physical, start piling on top of each other, it is important to remember that there is hope.

While there is no cure for erectile dysfunction, men can take medication to rid themselves of the effects of the condition. The most commonly used medication, and the one that most erectile dysfunction sufferers swear by, is Viagra. This powerful medication works in the body to create a strong, powerful and long lasting erection thanks to its active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate. The ingredient causes increased blood flow to the penis while simultaneously relaxing the blood vessels for a smooth, direct flow and easy arousal in as little as thirty minutes for most men.

The best news of all is that Viagra Online, in some form and dose, is effective for almost all healthy men. To start taking the medication, all men have to do is visit their doctors. After being diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, men simply discuss their current medication usage, their medical history, and their current health with their doctors. This information will help the doctor to determine the best way for the man to use Viagra. Most men will simply take an average dose of the medication on an as needed basis, usually about one hour before sexual intercourse or sexual activity. The medication can be used as often as once a day and is generally approved for long term usage, so the relief the medication provides never has to end.

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Viagra Today

Viagra is a drug that everybody has heard about, we’ve all seen the commercials. But many people actually know that his pill is not just used for erectile dysfunction. Viagra or Sildenafil can be used as well to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension. Of course there would be different guidelines between the uses of the drug for each particular problem.  Viagra has been on the market for consumer use since 1998, it’s main competitors are Cialis and Levitra which are the other two most popular erectile dysfunction medications available on the market today. Generic Viagra is not recommended for use by males who already suffer from heart problems as it may only worsen the condition and have severe side effects.

The medication was originally intended to be used by hypertension sufferers and patients with bad hearts. Revatio is another name that Viagra is commonly sold under, the names have no type of effect on the medication. Viagra was the first erectile dysfunction medication that was patented and sold for use in the United States. It is all about the chemical compound and what type of drug this particular medication is made up of. Viagra is also known as ‘the magic blue pill’ by men that have tried it and that have experienced great results from the usage of it. The pill is also diamond shaped and comes in 25, 50 or 100 milligrams dosages. The company name of Pfizer is also engraved on the small blue pill. Viagra used to be only available by a prescription from your doctor, but now you can order it off of television and even online from reputable dealers for a lot less than the pharmacist will charge. The success of Viagra has recently declined over the years from well known competitors Cialis and Levitra coming on to the market as well, side effects such as severe vision loss have also been claimed to be a contributor factor in the decline of sales. In England, Viagra can be purchased over the counter by men the ages of 35 and 65 after speaking with a pharmacist. Just like any other type of product the patent for Viagra will expire, it will expire in the United States under Pfizer in the year 2012.

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Viagra: An Answer To ED

More men than one would expect are suffering from ED. Erectile dysfunction refers to the fact that the patient is unable to get an erection; maintain an erection for long enough or a hard enough one. In any case erectile dysfunctions should not be mistaken for decrease of libido. The causes of erectile dysfunctions are mostly physical: they could be related to kidney problems, to liver problems, sometimes they are connected to the diabetes somebody is suffering from, the thickening of the arteries and other conditions that not only weaken and damage one’s body but require different types of medication that are very likely to decrease one’s potency.

On the other hand, in many other cases impotence is caused by psychological factors: a trauma from childhood or early adulthood, the stress involved by caring for someone elderly or ill in the family, trouble at work, fatigue caused by overworking and too little sleep and so on and so forth. On top of that, many people smoke, drink and eat foods that are not healthy at all. Obesity is one of the top physical factors that can determine the occurrence of impotence.

So what is there to be done? In some cases the impotence is just something temporary. In others it becomes more permanent. Regardless of the fact that it occurs frequently or occasionally, to Buy Viagra could be the answer to the problem. This pill has been used for more than a decade to help cause and maintain erection. Beware of the fact that taking Viagra is not compatible with all health conditions that may have determined impotence in the first place and that it could be inadvisable to mix it with some other types of medication, especially those containing Nitrates. But if the doctor prescribes it to you, rest assured you will have good reasons to regain your self esteem and sense of pride in no time.

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Understanding the Basics of Viagra

Viagra is considered by men to be a miracle drug of sorts which allows them to finally have the erections that they desire. There is a lot of commotion about all the sexual benefits that are derived from using this “little blue pill”. As with any prescription medication, it is important to know basic facts about this medication. Although men may be more interested in the effects of the drug, it is equally important to understand the basic about this pill in order to be well informed about what is being consumed to treat impotence.

The “little blue pill” is only available via prescription from a licensed doctor. A doctor will complete a physical examination on the patient, and then prescribe a dose of Viagra based on the patient’s health and a man’s ability to have an erection. There are three main doses which include 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. Men are to take the pill at least an hour before sexual intercourse. It will usually take at least 30 minutes for the drug to disperse throughout the body. Because of this, men are encouraged to take it ahead of time and preferably on an empty stomach to increase the absorption of the drug.

Those that buy Viagra Online for impotence have the ability to become erect for up to four hours with the proper sexual stimulation. As with any drug there are side effects that are associated with this drug which include flushing of the face, headaches and stomach aches. Some men may even report vision and hearing problems when taking this drug. It should be noted that men with pre-existing health conditions such as kidney and liver issues should stay connected to their doctors to ensure the Viagra does not have an adverse effect on their health. In all, knowing these basic facts about the “little blue pill” allows men to be more informed about the medication they are taking.

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The Source of ED

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is a common condition that happens to men quite frequently. In this problem, a certain enzyme known as PDE5 blocks the successful formation of erections that can be used for sexual contact. While the physical problem is the same for the majority of men, the cause of this issue can come from a wide variety of sources and generic Viagra can help give relief. The most common reason that a man starts having erectile difficulties is because of aging, The lowered testosterone levels are often correlated with the increased PDE5 levels in the smooth muscles of the penis. However, there are other reasons that a man can develop ED.

In addition to getting older, another common reason why men start to have problems with their erections is the use of certain substances. One group of antidepressant medications, called selective serotonin uptake inhibitors (SSRIs), have been indicated in several cases as the source of the ED. In addition, alcohol and nicotine can both have a direct effect on the man’s erectile capabilities. With nicotine, the walls of the arteries become more narrow, thus preventing blood from reaching the destination of the penis, increasing PDE5, and blocking erections. As Generic Viagra corrects an imbalance with PDE5, it will work in all of these situations.

For some men, the underlying source of their ED condition is psychological in nature. Being anxious about sexual performance and external stress have been shown to lower the likelihood of erection formation. Also, certain mental disorders, such as clinical depression and generalized anxiety disorder, have the same response in the man. However, taking generic Viagra will address the physical PDE5 issue and return the correct sexual function to the man. In situations where injuries or surgery are responsible for the ED, a doctor will advise if generic Viagra will work to cure the problem.

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