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Stamina and Viagra

Are you familiar with the meaning of male stamina? It literally means a man’s ability to exert themselves and consume energy for a certain amount of time. When people talk about male stamina they usually refer to a man’s ability to perform sexually, they refer to the intensity and to the duration as well. But what gives a guy more stamina than another? Medical research has led to the conclusion that there is a multitude of possible factors that influence a man’s stamina, so it’s really difficult to narrow down just a few factors.

Very few people realize that libido has a crucial influence. And the desire to procreate is controlled by the same part of the brain as the impulse to become violent. Most importantly, libido is nothing more and nothing less than a mere state of mind.

That is why just taking pills that are fit to solve erectile dysfunction problems will not solve a man’s lack of sexual desire. Viagra is not an aphrodisiac and it does not substitute a healthy life style or a good stamina. Stimulation can often solve the problem so it is advisable to resort to stimulation after the potency pill has been taken.

But what can one do to improve one’s stamina and thus better the effects of Viagra? Well, first of all, you might want to quit smoking or at least reduce it considerably. Try to eat more fruits and vegetables and remember to exercise on a daily basis. Also, stay away from alcohol, or at least, do not drink excessively. The truth is that even if you are not a heavy drinker, alcohol can spoil the desired effects you were expecting from Viagra in the first place.

Lead a healthy lifestyle; see a doctor who will identify the exact causes of your impotence, which will not go away just because you take Viagra. What Viagra Online will do for you is help you get an erection and maintain it.

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A New Chance

Could Generic Viagra be the solution to your ED caused by psychological factors? The answer is yes in most cases. Everybody who has read a little on male erectile dysfunction knows that although in most cases ED has a physical cause, in other cases the underlying cause is mostly of a psychological nature. And that is hardly surprising: people are more and more stressed; they work harder and harder and have less and less time for themselves and for intimacy. Being tired and sleep deprived never helps a man have an erection. The pressure to perform can be another stress factor, apart from all those job issues that can run through a man’s mind distracting him from what should really be his main focus during sex. Men who suffer from depression are also prone to being impotent. Many men are so concerned about their problem that they don’t even dare talk about it. A surprisingly high percentage of men with erectile dysfunctions never go to see a doctor about it. This affects their self esteem and deepens their problem. What they don’t understand is that this is not the end of the world. Due to medical science advancements, they now have a new chance. One of its many names is Viagra.

Viagra and other forms of ED medication are indeed available and each day more and more affordable, so the problem can be easily solved. You probably want to know that not only can you purchase Viagra from a regular store, using a doctor’s prescription, you can also purchase it online, from online pharmacies, where you are required to complete a form asking questions about your health and medical history. It is advisable that you are honest and precise about the information you give. It will remain confidential but it’s in your own interest not to take Viagra if you suffer from something that may cause Viagra to produce side effects. So go ahead and see your doctor about it. Take the first step towards your new chance for love and a healthy sex life.

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Advice for Viagra First Timers

If you are going to Buy Viagra for the first time, there are some things you should know about it.  First of all, this is a pill that will help you get and maintain an erection, but don’t expect it to create the mood for having sex. You will not get aroused on account of taking Viagra, as this is not an aphrodisiac. If it is an aphrodisiac you are looking for beware that this is not it.

Still, if what you need is a pill to help you fix your erectile dysfunction, you have made the perfect choice. Viagra works like a charm in most cases and you only need to take it about 60 minutes before the act, so it is perfect if you take it before or during foreplay because it will have time to get absorbed and the context will give you plenty of opportunities.

Viagra contains Sildenafil, which is quite safe in most cases. When it is not safe, you will most likely get warned by your doctor who will refuse to prescribe it to you. That’s the reason why in most countries Viagra is sold only on prescription. In any case, these are some of the side effects you should beware of: headaches, running nose or stuffy nose, stomach problems, flushing, the infection of the urinary tract, diarrhea and even visual adaptation problems and eye irritation. Sometimes people become sensitive to light too. Also, if you constantly hear a sound in your ear, that could be a side effect of Viagra as well. What you can do about it is stop taking it and see your doctor as soon as possible. Sometimes it’s nothing but other times what seems like nothing can turn into something more serious if not taken care of.

Also, if accidentally or inexplicably you have taken more than the prescribed dose or if for any other reason your erection lasts for more than four hours, see your doctor without delay. Your penis could otherwise suffer permanent damage, as such long lasting erections are not natural and quite unhealthy.

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