By now, nearly everyone knows about how generic Viagra works to improve the erectile function of a man with impotence. The Sildenafil Citrate in the drug inhibits the PDE5 enzyme, thus increasing blood circulation to the penis and creating strong erections. While this fact is common knowledge, few men apart from the medical community understand that generic Viagra and Sildenafil Citrate work in another part of the body as well. The truth is that the same effect is seen in the arterial walls of the lungs, primarily because the PDE5 enzyme is also found in this area of the body.

After a dose of generic Viagra has been taken, the medication travels to both the penis and the lungs. In the latter area, the Sildenafil Citrate becomes attached to the PDE5 and opens up the blood passageways. With better circulation, the blood can then retain more oxygen, thus reducing the effort of the heart to circulate the blood. In addition, the lungs have less pressure and the man will be able to breathe better as a result. For most men, the difference will not be readily apparent. However, when the man engages in any kind of exercise or work that requires physical effort, he will discover that he has more stamina for the physical exertion.

In addition to receiving an improvement to his physical capabilities, the man will also be creating a better overall health situation. The heart and lungs will be working at more optimal levels. Therefore, if the man has a regular exercise routine, he will be able to build better muscles and improve his calisthenic health as well. While the majority of information and studies focus on the effects of generic Viagra Online against erectile dysfunction, a man will need to be aware of the other ways that the drug works to improve his sex life and overall health.

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