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Who Shouldn’t Take Viagra

Although there’s a popular joke about men who take Viagra and iron supplements and start pointing North, the truth is that you should be fully aware not only of the Viagra benefits, but of the situations where it can interfere with the treatment you are undergoing due to another health issue. The reason why you want to be informed on this is that although Viagra is a perfectly safe pill, as long as it is taken according to the prescription, it can have side effects, especially in those cases where men have other health problems or take other medications as well.

First of all, as you can probably imagine, people who have a history of heart problems, those who have been diagnosed with a heart condition, people who have had a heart attack or a stroke should not take Viagra.

Also, Viagra interacts with Nitrates, so if you’ve been prescribed a treatment with Nitrates, in any form, do not take Viagra. If you are not sure you can always check what’s written on your pills. The ingredients should always be there. Still, it’s safest to ask the doctor.

Also, Sildenafil, the substance contained by Viagra will always interact with an alpha blocker, which usually causes really low blood pressure. You can avoid your blood pressure dropping if you take Viagra and the alpha blocker at least 4 hours apart. But if you have hypo-tension, it is never a good idea to take Viagra.

Also, if you have been told by the doctor that you suffer from cardiovascular problems and that due to the risks, you should not have sexual intercourse, do not assume that Viagra will solve your problem. What you suffer from in this case is not erectile dysfunction, therefore you should not use Viagra, which causes erections and helps men maintain them. On top of the aforementioned advice, you must be honest when filling in the health questionnaire that is required before you buy Viagra Online, this will help the online pharmacy medical staff to determine any health problems that might prevent you from being able to take this medication.

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Viagra,The Marriage Saver

There are a number of reasons why couples begin to stray. Some people are simply bored with their spouses while others are dealing with problems such as sexual dysfunction. Sex is not the alpha and omega of a committed relationship. However, it does play a significant role in the health of a long term partnership such as a marriage.

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) experience a number of problems that are not just relegated to the physical act of intercourse. The inability to keep an erection and perform sexually can cause a host of other problems such as feelings of inadequacy, anger, blame and rejection which can ultimately deteriorate a marriage. Thus, Generic Viagra in some ways improves the quality of marriages by addressing issues with stem from erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a sexual disorder which prevents a man from obtaining and maintaining an erection. This inability makes it very difficult for a man to perform sexually. It should be noticed that a man can still feel sexually aroused, but his penis does not become firm. Men who experience this condition often feel humiliated and their self-image and self-esteem is deeply affected. When men don’t feel like they are capable of performing, especially in a sexual manner, this can cause significant problems in a marriage.  Because of these feelings many men seek Viagra to restore their sexual abilities.

When men are able to restore their sexual functioning numerous issues are resolved or avoided. Lashing out because of frustration and the inability to perform stops. Women know longer harbor feelings of resentment in regards to the sexual dysfunction. Likewise, spouses are less likely to cheat in order to fulfill sexual needs. By obtaining the Viagra, many men feel like they can reclaim a portion of themselves and prevent and repair damage to their marriages caused by erectile dysfunction.

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Viagra Precautions

While you shouldn’t be too worried about Viagra having side effects, you should be well informed as to what these side effects could be so that you don’t completely freak out if they should occur to you. There have been many clinical trials concerning Viagra and it is considered to be a safe medicine. However, recent studies show that in about 2% of people, some side effects may occur.
The most common side effects are usually headaches, which occur in about 15 percent of the people; one could sometimes get face flushing, but it only appears in like 10 % of people or so, in rare cases, urinary tract infections have been signaled and also nasal congestion. About 3% of the people who Buy Viagra have once or several times experienced diarrhea on account of it and also dizziness and unexplained rashes.

Sometimes, although very rarely, vision problems may appear. Do not get scared, they are not permanent. You should just stop taking the pill and see your doctor about it. So if you’ve got blurry vision or are unable to tell the difference between blue and green, see the doctor. You could also experience a sensitivity regarding the sunlight, but it should not be permanent either.

More serious side effects may concern respiratory problems and respiratory tract infections. Also, in rare cases, back pain appeared to be a side effect. Flu-like symptoms could occur but they only appeared in rare cases and also joint pain and numb limbs.

Always respect the dosage the doctor prescribed for you. You should know that Viagra pills are sold in dosages of 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. Depending on your age, state of health and other personal characteristics, your doctor will prescribe you a certain dosage that you will have to respect. Do not take more than one pill and do not take this pill daily.

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