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Lasting Longer in The Bedroom

For men going through the condition of erectile dysfunction sex can often be an embarrassing thing.  Many men may go into states of depression because of their ED and this can lead to instances of job loss and even the loss of a spouse.   Though taking medications such as Viagra can help a male deal with erectile dysfunction there are other ways that you can deal with this condition and that can help you last longer in the bedroom.  One of the major issues behind erectile dysfunction is that many men do not get enough exercise or may have inappropriate eating habits.  In addition to getting Viagra Online, dieting and exercise can help you increase sexual pleasure.  Dieting and exercise increase the receptors in your brain that correspond to sexual pleasure and stimulation so it is necessary to take this into consideration when having that next cheeseburger from your favorite restaurant.  In addition to this other ways to increase the amount of time you last in the bedroom can include simple things such as slow and heavy breathing.

In addition to ED as a cause for the decreased amount of time that a man lasts in the bedroom other causes may include climaxing too quickly.  In order to combat this it may be necessary to follow a few guidelines such as letting your partner know when you are about to climax in order to stop it and doing pelvic floor muscle exercises.  Slow and steady intercourse can also help a man to last longer while performing.  Many people suggest thinking of something that is nonsexual in nature in order to help you last longer, but is also important to keep in mind that when you are attempting to control you climax thinking of something non sexual can lead to a lost erection in some cases.

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How Can You Tell

Erectile dysfunction can weight heavily on a man’s mind. They may think “what did I do wrong to make this happen?” Some may even think of what they can do to fix it. The real first step in knowing exactly what to do and what is going on with your body is to ask a doctor.

When you first go to the doctor to talk about your erectile dysfunction there may be some routine things that need to be done. First and foremost you may need an overall physical exam.  More than likely it will include an exam of your penis and surrounding area to check the extent of your feeling. You may also need a blood test to rule out any sort of disease such as diabetes. A urine test can sometimes take the place of a blood test but to be very thorough you may need both.

An ultrasound can also be done in order to check the blood flow going to your penis. There are some instances in which an injection is administered to the penis beforehand in order to see if the flow increases normally. Another test that can be done in order to check for erectile dysfunction is an overnight test. This often times works because a man actually gets an erection overnight that he has no recollection of. Before the man goes to bed a special form of tape is wrapped around the penis. In the morning if the tape is separated, even slightly then the man has obtained an erection.

Don’t worry, you didn’t do anything wrong. There is help out there in the form of Generic Viagra for you as a man suffering from erectile dysfunction. Many men are living with erectile dysfunction and living normal lives. Although intercourse may not happen at the drop of a dime if you plan accordingly and take your pill in the allotted amount of time then it will be just like the old days.

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