A man whose sexual prowess has started to decline my be experiencing the beginning stages of erectile dysfunction. This condition usually happens to men as they enter into middle age, but a man of any age can also have erectile difficulties that will need a medical solution. When the body makes less testosterone, the result is that it becomes harder and harder to produce a firm erection that is suitable for the act of sexual intercourse. Instead, the man will find that his erection is softer or that he cannot achieve an erection at all.

Men who heed the early warning signs of ED will be able to look for Viagra Online drugs like Kamagra Jelly on time and rise to the occasion during their next sexual encounter. The first sign that a man may see indicating he could have erectile dysfunction is a simple lowering in the quality of his erection. Unlike other conditions, there are no dramatic symptoms of ED, but only a gradual decrease of the man’s sexual ability. For this reason, it is very important for a man to pay attention to how his body is responding to mental arousal and be willing to contact a doctor if things don’t seem to be working at optimal levels.

In a doctor’s evaluation, the physician will be able to use a basic series of questions to determine if the problem is related to ED and can be fixed with generic Viagra. For men who are uncomfortable with the idea of using a local doctor for this purpose, the same series of questions can be found on the online questionnaires provided by Internet pharmacies who sell generic Viagra. These forms are reviewed by doctors in the same way that a local physician would do, but the man is able to avoid needing to speak directly to the doctor and keep his purchase of generic Viagra confidential.

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