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More Peace Of Mind

Men who have been lucky enough to live without erectile dysfunction often underestimate the psychological effects that impotence creates. Clinical trials studying erectile dysfunction treatments have consistently reported that men suffering from impotence for at least six months also commonly suffer from a general lack of confidence, a lower quality of life, depression and anxiety. Thankfully, these same clinical trials showed that once these men received effective treatment, most of them saw their emotional instabilities and lack of confidence fade away. (continue reading…)

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More Love

For a couple that has seen their sexual activity transform from a once daily habit into something much less, it might be time to talk about the changes and what may be causing it. In many cases, it will turn out that the man has erectile dysfunction, a frequent problem that is characterized by the man’s inability to produce an erection. The condition is so common that some experts estimate that nearly every man will encounter it at least once. Even though it is so pervasive, it can still be a problem in a relationship. (continue reading…)

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More Go

For sufferers of erectile dysfunction, it may feel that all of their sexual encounters are a stop and go affair. They move forward with sexual activity, but have to stop if they are not able to come up with an erection at the right time. This means that the action has to slow down or even stop, which can be problematic for both the man and the woman. In the man’s case, he wants to have sex and is mentally ready for it, but his body is telling him to stop. For the woman, the stop and go action can leave her frustrated and wanting more. (continue reading…)

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