Refund Policy

Because of our commitment to customer satisfaction if your order fails to arrive within the specified dates or gets damaged, let us know immediately so that we can issue a full refund or reship the order at no cost to you. If by any chance you receive a partial order, in order to refund you for the missing items we will first issue a full refund. Following this we will charge your Credit Card again for the items that you did receive, so that you are only charged once for those items.

Always allow up to 21 business days for the package to arrive from the day that it ships out. We require that at least 21 business days go by before issuing a refund. If after this time you still have not received the package or if you receive a notification that its been put on hold or returned to us send us a ticket so that we can take care of your request immediately.

Returns Policy complies with international industry standards which specify that returns on generic medications are not accepted. If you are unhappy with your order or if it is incomplete, do not return the product to us, we will however issue you a refund if you like. Submit a ticket here if you wish to do so.

Important Note : Any questions about your order can be answered by sending a ticket or calling us at the number below:

  • Toll Free: 1-888-980-6088


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