Penegra ED Relief

Penegra is a generic medication manufactured by Cadila with the chemical Sildenafil Citrate, of Viagra fame. Penegra allows an improved blood flow by distending the blood vessels in the penile area, and since the penis needs blood to achieve an erection, this works to effectively relieve erectile dysfunction during the 4 hour effect that this medicine provides. ED patients should not take note that Sildenafil Citrate does not cause an erection by itself, but it permits impotent men to have one so long as they are sexually excited.

Penegra tablets are usually ingested one hour in advance of planned sexual intercourse, and no more than one tablet every 24 hours, or as instructed by a local doctor. Physical stimulation is required in order for this medicine to be effective. Fatty meals should be avoided when taking Sildenafil, because the effect of the medication may be delayed. Alcohol intake should also be reduced in order to decrease the possibility of side effects.

Side effects are a possibility, including headaches, nasal congestion, dyspepsia, blurred and impaired vision. These Penegra adverse effects are usually transient and moderate. Gastric discomfort and nasal mucous membrane congestion are also likely in a few cases. On the other hand, serious side effects serious might include allergic reactions, hearing and memory loss, painful and prolonged erections (otherwise known as priapism), and seizures. These however, are rather uncommon, though they do require medical attention.

Men who have diabetes, blood pressure, kidney issues, cardiovascular health disease, liver problems, sickle cell anemia, or ocular irregularities should consult a local doctor before they buy Penegra online. Another important aspect to consider is the possible interaction with other drugs. Nitrate medications and alpha blockers, for instance, have been known to bring about an unwanted effect when combined with Penegra.


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