Men affected by erectile dysfunction often wonder if anything can be done to help them past their condition. Living with ED can create a crisis of self confidence to go along with the enzyme inhibitors that prevent free blood flow for obtaining a long lasting erection. Trying to overcome both of these situations is difficult, but in order to do so, Viagra is where it is at. Still, many ED sufferers do not want to try the theory out in the heat of the moment because they fear failure. The agony of looking in to a new partner’s eyes and saying the words, “I can’t,” is enough to make these men run from every intimate encounter that presents itself. That’s why if you are going to start using Viagra to improve your sexual health, you need to follow these tips to get started:

First, know what turns you on. The drug isn’t going to miraculously produce erections without arousal. You must still be attracted and engage in the types of activities that “get you going” in order to succeed. Secondly, consider taking the drug in private before “going live” with a partner. If you test it out first on yourself through asexual activity, then you’ll see what a difference the drug makes in your erection. Once you have confidence in the equipment, it’s a lot easier to face your partner. Still, many men prefer not to “waste” the drug because of the sometimes exorbitant costs. That brings about the final point: buy Generic Viagra whenever possible.

The generic form of the drug is just as effective as the name brand, but it is available for a fraction of the overall cost online. Many men avoid ED treatments because they feel that they must spring for the name brand form, and that can run as much as $200 for 10 pills—quite a sizable chunk of one’s budget! If you know where to look and you follow the confidence building initiatives above, then you will soon discover that Viagra is truly where it’s at when it comes to dealing with male impotence.

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