Sex is an integrating part of any relationship between two people who love each other. However the act of love is not always perfect. Many factors can come to disrupt the intimate relationship that a couple has behind closed doors and the most serious of them is erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that can be caused by many things. It can be just a temporary problem from a stressful week at the office, or the anxiety of the first time with a new partner, even a very long day can have its toll on some men. Medical reasons are among the more serious and these are completed with smoking or the consumption of alcohol. Those anti-smoking commercials you see on the TV don’t lie: smoking can really cause impotence.

Whatever the reason for ED, this illness is a problem for any man. It makes it impossible for anyone to enjoy a normal and healthy sexual life, which can lead to heated discussions among couples and even to break-ups. It is a tragic thing that ED can come between two people who love each other, but it is not just the lack of sex that puts a damper on a relationship.

Erectile dysfunction may have various causes depending on the individual, but it causes about the same effects for every man. Apart from the inability to have an erection, frustration mounts up and self-esteem goes down. Men become more self-conscious and are unable to enjoy intimacy as they would have before ED. Some men live with this condition for years without seeking help to fix things.

However, there is a solution for all those who find themselves in such a situation: Viagra Online. The pill known in popular culture as the ultimate erectile dysfunction drug acts directly on the genital area of the male, making it possible for him to have an erection in a short time. Gentlemen can once again return to being themselves both inside and outside the bedroom and they can keep their love alive.

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