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Keep love alive

Sex is an integrating part of any relationship between two people who love each other. However the act of love is not always perfect. Many factors can come to disrupt the intimate relationship that a couple has behind closed doors and the most serious of them is erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that can be caused by many things. It can be just a temporary problem from a stressful week at the office, or the anxiety of the first time with a new partner, even a very long day can have its toll on some men. Medical reasons are among the more serious and these are completed with smoking or the consumption of alcohol. Those anti-smoking commercials you see on the TV don’t lie: smoking can really cause impotence.

Whatever the reason for ED, this illness is a problem for any man. It makes it impossible for anyone to enjoy a normal and healthy sexual life, which can lead to heated discussions among couples and even to break-ups. It is a tragic thing that ED can come between two people who love each other, but it is not just the lack of sex that puts a damper on a relationship.

Erectile dysfunction may have various causes depending on the individual, but it causes about the same effects for every man. Apart from the inability to have an erection, frustration mounts up and self-esteem goes down. Men become more self-conscious and are unable to enjoy intimacy as they would have before ED. Some men live with this condition for years without seeking help to fix things.

However, there is a solution for all those who find themselves in such a situation: Viagra Online. The pill known in popular culture as the ultimate erectile dysfunction drug acts directly on the genital area of the male, making it possible for him to have an erection in a short time. Gentlemen can once again return to being themselves both inside and outside the bedroom and they can keep their love alive.

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How Much Viagra Should One Take?

You probably already know how effective Viagra is in cases of erectile dysfunctions. What you probably don’t know is that not all people are prescribed the same dosage. Why? Well, everyone has a different medical history and different health issues if they have any. Moreover, not everyone’s body responds the same way to the Sildenafil Viagra contains. There are pills of 25 mg, 50mg and 100 mg. One’s age as well as the medication one might be on can influence the dosage prescribed by the doctor. It is inadvisable to adjust the dosage by oneself. Always follow the instructions given to you by your healthcare provider and only take what’s written on the prescription you got from them.

People are usually prescribed pills of 50 mg that should be taken not more that once per day. Also, these pills should never be taken every day for a long time, without a pause. In some cases the doctor may decide to increase the dosage to 100mg, depending on how the patient responds to it. In other cases it is necessary to decrease the dosage. What you should know is that you can virtually take Generic Viagra even 4 hours before the sexual act. Or you could choose to take it only 30 minutes before it. In any case, the recommendation is that you take Viagra about one hour before you intend to have intercourse and on an empty stomach so that it is absorbed well. Nothing wrong will happen if you eat, except that the substances in the pill won’t be as easily absorbed. Do not mix it with alcohol, though, as it may not have any effect whatsoever.
If you are unsure about how much you should take or about the frequency, with which you should take this pill, just contact your doctor or pharmacist about it.

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Cause and effect

Viagra is the best cure that modern medicine has come up with to combat erectile dysfunction in male patients of all ages. ED is a problem that many have to face in their lives, probably do to simple temporary reasons like stress or anxiety, but the most cases of ED are caused by health issues.

Surgery gone wrong, surgery that affects certain parts of the body, long healing processes, medicine taken for an illness or a permanent condition – these are all causes for erectile dysfunction and they are as varied as those who suffer from it. But the most common of all reasons for ED is old age. When gentlemen reach a certain age, their bodies seem to not respond as well as they once did and this may cause problems in their intimate lives. Old age is not an impediment for love; and it shouldn’t be.

So Viagra was the drug that saved many of the men in these cases and gave them back their appetite, and especially their stamina. ED has many effects on males apart from the evident physical condition that ceases their ability to sustain an erection. It affects the male ego. It can put a damper on any day and any relationship. It is a cause for frustration and of depression. ED is also the number one culprit in affecting self-esteem. Men lose their confidence and their will to live, their power in the bedroom and in life. ED has a major impact for any gentleman, at any age.

Viagra however has saved a lot of these men. In the form of a little blue pill, any person can literally see the results. In less than a few hours, ED can become a thing of the past. It may not completely cure the condition, but it does offer a way of working against it. And any man can regain his confidence and take pleasure once again in the act of making love. Buy Viagra and start enjoying with your partner.

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