Time of Your Life

For a large number of men, entering into middle age can be the catalyst for a midlife crisis. In theory, this part of a man’s life should actually be one of the happiest. The average man in his middle years is in a long term relationship and a stable career, with the uncertainty of his earlier life behind him.  Despite all of these positive aspects, many men go through an inevitable midlife crisis.

While popular media describe this situation as being motivated by boredom with their life, some sexual experts beg to differ. They state that the midlife crisis is almost always caused by a reduction in sexual activity, usually due to the problems of ED that appear in this time period. In fact, recent research showed that men who try generic Viagra to treat ED do not exhibit the same signs of a midlife crisis.

Part of the problem with this issue is that a man will usually think he is invincible when it comes to sexual function. Through his teens and later years, there will be no problem with his erections.  However, during middle age when there is less testosterone in the body, he may find that his body is unable to respond to normal amounts of sexual stimulation. While the physical problem is embarrassing enough, his confidence and self esteem are shaken to the core, hence the need to buy a new sports car as compensation.

The better course of action is to use generic Viagra to stop this problem when it first appears. Men who use generic Viagra report get their erections and their confidence back.