A lot of people mistakenly believe that erectile dysfunction is simply a man’s inability to get an erection, often referred to as impotence. While this is true for some men, not everyone experiences erectile dysfunction in the same way. Some men are perfectly capable of getting an erection but have difficulty keeping one for the duration of sexual intercourse or sexual activity. This can often be even more frustrating and discouraging than not being able to get an erection at all. There is, however, a medication known as Viagra that can help erectile dysfunction sufferers, no matter how their condition manifests itself.

Buy Viagra to work in the body thanks to its active ingredient, Sildenafil Citrate. This ingredient, when ingested, causes an increase in blood flow to the penis, while simultaneously relaxing the blood vessels for easier, smoother, more direct flow. Thus, the increased blood flow causes the man to develop an erection that is strong, powerful, and best of all, long lasting. Men can perform sexually for several hours while taking this medication, and many even report that they perform better and last longer on the medication than they did even before they were diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. So, taking Viagra really can lead to the best sexual experiences of a man’s life.

Taking the medication is easy and, fortunately, very discreet. Men simply take one small pill anywhere from one to three hours before they wish to have sex or engage in sexual activity of some sort. Lots of men simply take the medication away from their partners and then engage in “normal” sex as though no pill was used at all. Others prefer to be open and honest with their partners, but the choice is up to the man. The effects of Viagra are long lasting and the medication can be used as often as one time daily, allowing a man and his partner or partners to enjoy lasting, mutually satisfying sex.

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