Although there’s a popular misconception that only elderly men are affected by impotence, more and more people are getting informed on the subject and they start coming to terms with the fact that modern lifestyle favors the appearance of ED at any age. Also known as impotence, erectile dysfunction refers to the fact that the man in question is unable to have an erection at all, or even if he has an erection, it either doesn’t last long enough or is not firm enough for sexual intercourse. In most cases, the causes are physical but they can be psychological too.

Alcohol abuse favors the appearance of impotence quite early in life. Also, stress and depression are factors which favor ED. The impact upon male personality is quite severe: men tend to go into depression, they lose their self esteem and they seem unable to mend their relationship problems. Generic Viagra Online drugs like Kamagra Gel were released on the market a few years ago and they appear to have helped a good 25 million men with such problems. In some cases, impotence is something that only occurs from time to time, in other cases it is a more permanent matter. Viagra helps men in any of these situations.

Also, it’s good to know that one does not need to take Generic Viagra on a daily basis. The blue, diamond-like shaped pill is usually taken about half an hour before sex. In most cases, it takes about twenty minutes for the effects start to show. But since Viagra is not an aphrodisiac, men who don’t feel any sexual desire at one point are not going to get an erection just because they took Viagra. Stimulation is mandatory in such cases. Anyway, the effect usually lasts four hours, which is enough for anyone to enjoy satisfying intercourse. Nobody should take more than the recommended dose, because an erection that lasts for too long can permanently damage the penis and there can be other side effects too.  Provided it is used as prescribed, the blue pill is safe and effective.

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