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Myths About Sildenafil Citrate

During their lifetime, most men have occasional erectile problems. The unpleasant episodes begin mostly after the age of 35. 1 in 10 men suffer of erectile dysfunction, show the statistics. Doctors say that erectile dysfunction can appear because of stress of depressive moods and sometimes psychological treatment is sufficient for their cure.

Because treating the erectile dysfunction does not depend only on drugs, we should mention some of the myths regarding the most popular drug against erectile dysfunction, Generic Viagra.
The first and most important is that Generic Viagra doesn’t make you 21 years old again. If you are a 45 years old man and you can still have sex, don’t take Viagra. It is not for you. Some men think that this is the drug to make them ‘superman’. You will be disappointed. Don’t mistake Viagra for aphrodisiacs. A 45 years old man who can’t ejaculate 7 time a week is not impotent. It is not proven that using Generic Viagra you can ejaculate everyday or several times a day.

Also, don’t expect Generic Viagra to maintain your erection like a 21 years man’s erection. Even if you take this pill, if you are over 45 years old, it is very probable that you can’t maintain your erection for more than 3 hours. And remember that you won’t get your erection immediately after you swallowed the blue pill. You first have to be sexually stimulated. Without a proper sexual stimulation, there will be no erection.
Generic Viagra can solve any type of erectile dysfunction, but for those suffering of diabetes the problem is harder to solve. Also for the patients who smoke 3 packages of cigarettes daily and expect their problem to be cured miraculously. They should be sent to a cardiologist. According to the statistics, the diseases that are responsible for 70% of the erectile dysfunctions are diabetes, kidney affections, multiple sclerosis and arteries-sclerosis.

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Statistics on Viagra Side Effects

Statistics showed that Viagra can give side effects to about 5% of those who take it. Viagra is a vasodilator so the administration of the drug will cause blood vessel’s dilation. Viagra shows it effects in the first 20 or 30 minutes and the vessels in the penis’s area will warm and flush which indicates a good circulation and dilatation of blood vessels. The maximum time for Viagra to reach its highest effect takes up to an hour and will work only in the presence of sexual stimulation. The side effects like the sensation of heat, a mile redness of the face or clogging nose disappear during intercourse and it will not affect the normal sexual activity. These side effects of Viagra go away after 30 or 40 minutes after administration for Viagra will be set mainly in the penis and making a good vasodilatation of the area.

If the first time men  Buy Viagra, it has side effects in any other administration it is most likely that the same effects will appear. If the first dose of Viagra does not have side effects probably none of the following will give. If the administration of Viagra is a side effect that bothers you during contact like a persistent headache then you should ask your doctor to decrease the dose.

Viagra gives side effects to a very small percentage of users and those that appear are generally minor and disappear during sexual contact. It is also very important that you should not take Viagra with other medication for dilatation of blood vessels and if you do you have to tell the doctor that prescribes your Viagra. If at your first use there are some side effects that occur, the probability for them to reappear at the next administration is very high. In case your side effects cause you trouble or if they continue during sexual activity you have to visit your doctor and change the dosage.

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Even Young Men

There are many myths surrounding erectile dysfunction and why men suffer from it. Finding out why erectile dysfunction actually happens and where it comes from is the first step in debunking the myths and finding out the facts.

One of the most common myths is that only older men suffer from erectile dysfunction. This is simply not true. It really does not matter what age a male happens to be it can hit at any point in time. One of the main reasons that a younger man may suffer from ED is from an injury. And injury such as a car accident or even a sporting accident could damage the arteries in the penis which are needed to let the blood flow in an adequate amount for an erection. Other diseases such as a vascular disease could also be the cause of erectile dysfunction in a younger male. Another leading cause to ED in a young male is a psychological disorder. A psychological disorder such as depression could make it pretty hard to get your head in the game. Not being able to focus on intercourse could lead to not being able to obtain or maintain a full erection that is needed in order to satisfy sexual intercourse. There is help for both men you and old.

Now that we have covered just a few of the myths concerning erectile dysfunction the next step is to get some help. Even if you feel as though you are a little too ashamed to ask the doctor about this dysfunction, do it anyway. Your physician can give you some treatment options in order to help treat your ED. Generic Viagra is one of the most widely used options that has been given over recent years. Make sure that you always take medications as directed by your physician.

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Generic Viagra and Sexual Performance

What can be more depressing and worrying for a man than the decrease of his sexual performances? Generic Viagra, one of the last century’s innovations comes as an unarguable help for those who suffer of impotence or erectile dysfunctions of different causes.
Opting for the blue pill, one can make his partner happy again.

Generic Viagra works by relaxing the blood vessels in the penis, allowing a proper vascularisation. It is very important to know that Viagra is not an aphrodisiac, so the drug works only if the user is sexually stimulated.
Currently, Generic Viagra can be found in pharmacies all over the world in doses of 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. The proper quantity is established by a specialized doctor. The Viagra pill should be taken one hour before the sexual intercourse and considering the fact that its effects are more intense if it’s taken on an empty stomach it is recommended that you don’t eat just before taking the pill. Alcohol is also not recommended before taking Generic Viagra. The general effect can last for about 4 hours.

Generally, Viagra doesn’t have many secondary effects, but if the appear, they are usually short and mild. They include symptoms like headaches or blushing. Although they are rare and not very strong, the secondary effects should be reported to the specialized doctor.
Like any other pharmaceutical product, Viagra has some contraindications and that’s why its use should be discussed with a doctor. Generic Viagra can lower blood pressure and this effect can be augmented by other medical treatments. Also, men who have the following medical affections should definitely consult a doctor before dedicating to the task of going to Buy Viagra: cardiac problems or liver problems, rare hereditary eye problems or a recent heart attack.

Generic Viagra can be considered a real innovation of the last century and a proper use can relight the amazing fire of great sexual performances .

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Viagra Indication Importance

Erectile dysfunction affects a large number of men from the age of 40 and beyond. It can be caused by one of many factors and can either be a temporary or a permanent condition. Viagra is the first medication men turn to if they find themselves having ED problems that affect their private lives.

Viagra has been used by a whopping number of males over a short time and that only goes to prove the quality and effectiveness that it has when it comes to erectile dysfunction. But like every medication it has several indications to consider before taking it.

Viagra is usually prescribed by a doctor to be in terms with whatever the patient’s body can support or to go well with other medication that is used for other medical issues. But many take the drug without a proper consultation from a physician, in which case the indications must be read and fully understood in order to avoid any complications.

One of the most important things about Generic Viagra is that it does not go well for patients with a history of heart problems. It also must never be taken along with other erectile dysfunctions drugs to avoid an overdose that could strain the body too much. Only one pill must be taken per day, in an interval of 4 hours to 30 minutes prior to sexual intercourse.

In case the consumer is taking other medicine, especially nitrate, the dosage of Viagra must be smaller in order to avoid complications. An erection that does not go down after 4 hours must be considered a problem and medical assistance should be sought out immediately. Side-effects of Viagra are mild and temporary and rarely occur. If however any unpleasant effects is seen after the consumption of the drug, medical help is advisable.

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