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Generic Viagra Vs Levitra

Both generic Viagra and Levitra are widely used by men who want to enhance their sexual life. Generic Viagra is known as sildenafil citrate and Levitra is known as vardenafil. Viagra has been around for more than 12 years whereas Levitra was introduced about 7 years ago. Both medications are available without a prescription from many online pharmacies and the costs are similar. On average, 10 pills cost about $25-$40, depending on where one buys them. Both Generic Viagra and Levitra are many times more expensive when bought from a retail pharmacy. (continue reading…)

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Generic Viagra Fact File

Many patients are now able to buy generic Viagra online. This is great, especially for those who are embarrassed about having to purchase it in public or who have had a hard time being able to buy generic Viagra prescription. Cheap generic Viagra is a wonderful drug that has helped many men suffering from erectile dysfunction to win back their love lives and improve their relationships. Best of all is the fact that it works for almost everyone. After a quick and painless visit to a doctor to buy generic Viagra prescription, the patient is ready to start purchasing generic Viagra online and to begin enjoying a healthy, full sex life once again. (continue reading…)

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Generic Viagra: What We Know

Buying generic Viagra online seems to be appealing to more and more men around the world. Ever since Viagra has been manufactured, the pill has constantly increased in popularity and especially now that there is a cheaper and more comfortable way to get it. So, all of us have heard of the new concept “generic Viagra” but what is it? We know Viagra, but what is ‘generic” actually supposed to mean? Read more and find out the answers to these questions and more interesting facts about generic Viagra. (continue reading…)

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