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If you have been diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction (ED), let generic Levitra give you a hand to overcome this puzzling condition, which affects more men than you think. Erectile dysfunction is the physical inability of the male sexual organ to get hard enough to sustain an erection, thus affecting the diagnosed person's sex life in a negative way. Levitra has been developed following the highest and most professional scientific standards, providing millions of men  suffering from ED with a powerful tool against impotence.  

Generic Levitra is a medication that considerably improves the blood transference to the penis  in patients with male impotence. This condition is primarily caused by a disorder in the functioning of two major enzymes: cGMP and PDE-5. The first one is in charge of widening the arteries that lead to the penis, thereby intensifying the blood flow to that area, and forcing it to stay there long enough to originate an erection while love-making. Generic Levitra's active ingredient (Vardenafil) is a variety of PDE-5 inhibitor, which impedes the total action of this enzyme. What does PDE-5 do? It is in charge of stopping blood from entering the penile structure in large amounts, keeping the male sexual organ in its flaccid state. People who suffer from ED have an overproduction of this substance. Therefore, Generic Levitra helps them by momentarily blocking it, so that they can have a satisfying erection to enjoy sexual intercourse without any worries. You can buy cheap Levitra at at any time, but first there is some important information you should know.

Generic Levitra Dosage

As with any other pharmaceutical product, people who plan to buy Levitra have to limit themselves to the average dose (one pill per day when needed) unless told otherwise. Exceeding the recommended dosage will result in an overdose, which will bring health complications.  Generic Levitra shall be taken 1 hour prior to any sexual activity, and it can be taken with a full or empty stomach.
Generic Levitra's effect normally lasts from 4 to 6 hours once it has been taken with a glass of water. Remember not to chew, break or crush a generic Levitra pill, mainly because it could reduce its effectiveness. Levitra does not make the penis become hard by itself; there has to be some clear sexual motivation for that to happen. In the rare case that an erection  continues long after intake (the odds for that to happen are extremely low), seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Levitra Side Effects

Levitra is a great medication against Erectile Dysfunction, there is no doubt about it. But unfortunately, nothing is perfect. By taking generic Levitra online, ED patients might be slightly affected by its most normal side effects, such as dry mouth, blurred sight, shortness of breath, muscular weakness, leg pain, and dizziness.

Levitra also might cause some heavier (though very rare) side effects. If you experience any of these, contact an emergency service as soon as possible. They include: Uncommon bleeding, blood pressure alterations, severe abdominal pain, and tiredness. Always buy generic Levitra with these probable reactions in mind, so that you know their origin and can inform your doctor about them.

Levitra Online Precautions

When you intend to use generic Levitra, there are some guidelines you have to follow to have a satisfying experience. Above all, do not take generic Levitra if you have shown allergic reactions to its main ingredient, Vardenafil. Ask your doctor if you have any in your medical history. Besides, alcohol ingestion should be kept to a minimum while under the effect of Levitra. It interferes with a correct and timely activation of its healing powers.  

Generic Levitra Warnings

To avoid any inconvenient consequences to general health by using Levitra, please be aware of the following warnings:

Do not forget that generic Levitra is a drug specially created to improve impotence-diagnosed
adult men's sexual health, helping them get a hard erection for enough time to have a positive sexual interaction. If Levitra is used by women, children or teenagers, they could experience severe attacks to their health.

If you are under any medication that contains nitrates (example Voltaren, Cataflam or antibiotics like Erythromycin), the use of Levitra is not suggested. Before buying Levitra online, please consult your physician to see if you are under any nitrate-based treatment.

Levitra online is a great source of relief for many men with ED and their partners around the globe. Modern pharmaceutical products are great discoveries, when used responsibly. Levitra is not an exception, handle it with care.


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