Erectile dysfunction may be the result of a number of health conditions, but ultimately the inability to achieve and sustain a healthy erection is caused by a general lack of blood circulating to the penis during arousal. A healthy erection is caused when the corpus cavernosum, the inner chamber of the penis, fills up with extra blood, expanding it to a greater size. If there is not enough blood accessible to the penis, the chamber cannot fill up and an erection will not take place. By gently increasing the flow of blood throughout the body, Viagra ensures that enough blood will be accessible to the penis during arousal and that it will continue to flow freely throughout the duration of intercourse. Viagra can do this because it contains a unique chemical called Sildenafil Citrate which inhibits an enzyme that is ordinarily left to reduce the rate at which blood circulates throughout the body. By simply allowing for an increase in the rate of circulation, Sildenafil Citrate can help fight impotence.

Finding an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction will improve more than just your sex life. Most men suffering from impotence experience a serious impact to their psychological state if the condition is left untreated. Among the most notable of changes is a serious drop in overall confidence. Severe case of erectile dysfunction can even cause situational depression and inadvertent life changes due to a change in confidence, like the loss of a job or the separation from a friend. This change in confidence also, as is expected, significantly affects the man’s relationship with his partner. Buying Viagra Online can help restore your confidence by effectively solving your erectile dysfunction once and for all. In this way, Viagra changes not just your ability to achieve and sustain a healthy erection, but also your overall quality of life.

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