Since the creation and development of Viagra, a huge number of men have stormed into their doctor’s office to ask for a prescription for the drug. Both older and younger gentlemen that have suffered from erectile dysfunction have found great help in this drug’s Sildenafil Citrate active ingredient to improve their sex lives.

For those lucky enough to have never had ED problems all their life, maintaining an erect penis has never been an issue, but there are many individuals around the world that have certain difficulties. Generic Viagra came as the perfect solution in those cases and has helped many. Though Sildenafil Citrate was originally studied as a drug for patients suffering from hypertension or angina, it proved very efficient in producing the erection of the male organ.

It was released to the public as the ultimate erectile dysfunction drug, providing the ticket to heaven for a lot of men by being able to relieve the problem. It was heavily advertised and even TV commercials were talking about it. While Viagra doesn’t actually cure ED, it does prove very efficient in temporarily treating the problem, especially when it is most needed.

The pill increases blood flow to the penis by dilating blood vessels in the area which ultimately leads to hardening of the male organ and making it maintain a longer resistance during the sexual act. In spite of its seemingly miraculous properties, this drug is not indicated for men with a proper erectile function. In case of healthy patients with properly functioning reproductive organs, it does not help maintain the penis erect for a longer period of time.

The drug is indispensable for the love life of those with ED. All men feel they are able to perform much better and have a healthy sexually active life with their partners due to the help of Viagra.

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