Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is a common condition that happens to men quite frequently. In this problem, a certain enzyme known as PDE5 blocks the successful formation of erections that can be used for sexual contact. While the physical problem is the same for the majority of men, the cause of this issue can come from a wide variety of sources and generic Viagra can help give relief. The most common reason that a man starts having erectile difficulties is because of aging, The lowered testosterone levels are often correlated with the increased PDE5 levels in the smooth muscles of the penis. However, there are other reasons that a man can develop ED.

In addition to getting older, another common reason why men start to have problems with their erections is the use of certain substances. One group of antidepressant medications, called selective serotonin uptake inhibitors (SSRIs), have been indicated in several cases as the source of the ED. In addition, alcohol and nicotine can both have a direct effect on the man’s erectile capabilities. With nicotine, the walls of the arteries become more narrow, thus preventing blood from reaching the destination of the penis, increasing PDE5, and blocking erections. As Generic Viagra corrects an imbalance with PDE5, it will work in all of these situations.

For some men, the underlying source of their ED condition is psychological in nature. Being anxious about sexual performance and external stress have been shown to lower the likelihood of erection formation. Also, certain mental disorders, such as clinical depression and generalized anxiety disorder, have the same response in the man. However, taking generic Viagra will address the physical PDE5 issue and return the correct sexual function to the man. In situations where injuries or surgery are responsible for the ED, a doctor will advise if generic Viagra will work to cure the problem.

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