Erectile dysfunction is a serious medical condition that can cause a man to develop severe sexual problems and even depression and impaired self esteem if left untreated. Signs of this condition include difficultly getting an erection, having the ability to get an erection but not being able to maintain it, and a decrease in sexual desire. The second a man experiences any of these, he should seek medical help to treat the condition, discover its cause, and keep it from worsening. One of the most proven and commonly prescribed treatments for erectile dysfunction is a medication known as Generic Viagra. This medication has worked to give many men back their sexual abilities and their lives.

Erectile dysfunction is caused by several factors. During an initial doctor’s appointment, the physician will work to, first, diagnose the condition, and second to determine the cause. Common causes of erectile dysfunction include stress or depression, diabetes, heart problems, being overweight, taking depression medications, or advanced age. However, some men may develop this condition for no apparent reason, and it is important to note that erectile dysfunction happens to men of all ages and from all walks of life. The good news is that no matter the severity of the condition or the reason, Viagra can help.

Once the doctor has determined the condition, the patient and doctor will work together to find the best and most effective form and dose of Viagra to treat it. The doctor will need to be informed of all medications the patient is currently taking, especially if this includes nitrates, in order to check for possible negative reactions. Men who are taking other medications may still be able to take Viagra, though they will likely require a specialized dosage. Also, the doctor will need to know of any health concerns or serious medical issues the patient has had in the past or is currently experiencing. Once all of this information is known, the doctor will recommend a dosage, and the patient can start experiencing the positive effects of this medication right away.

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