When it comes to sex this is a beneficial activity for many reasons including for exercise and pleasure but having the wrong type of lubricant or not using lubricant at all can be a mistake in many cases.  Using lubricant during sexual intercourse can increase sex drive and sexual pleasure which are factors that are important in a sexual situation.  Lubricants can often be thought of as products that are strictly for women such as products like Viagra are seen as strictly for men but buying lubricants unlike Viagra are not only for women.  In fact many lubricants can increase sexual stimulation to a point that a majority of men who use lubricants do not have sex without them once they try them the first time.  When using lubricants it is necessary to be careful which ones you do use.  Using petroleum based lubricants such as Vaseline or using vegetable oil for a sexual lubricant can dissolve a condom and lead to pregnancy or the transmission or an STD so it is important that you know to look for lubricants that are similar or may have petroleum in them.

In the case of sexual stimulation, many men may be going through instances of erectile dysfunction and may need more than lubricant to increase stimulation.  Taking Viagra or other erectile dysfunction medications can not only increase stimulation but sex drive as well.  Though Viagra Online is strictly for men there are other things that women can do to increase sexual pleasure and sex drive as well.  Exercising your pelvic floor muscles and the other areas of your body can help with increasing sexual pleasure and stimulation in addition to taking Viagra.   For men, pleasure boosting condoms can be of great use in the bedroom.  Many pleasure boosting condoms use various lubricants in order to increase pleasure as well as have pleasure enhancing designs.

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