During their lifetime, most men have occasional erectile problems. The unpleasant episodes begin mostly after the age of 35. 1 in 10 men suffer of erectile dysfunction, show the statistics. Doctors say that erectile dysfunction can appear because of stress of depressive moods and sometimes psychological treatment is sufficient for their cure.

Because treating the erectile dysfunction does not depend only on drugs, we should mention some of the myths regarding the most popular drug against erectile dysfunction, Generic Viagra.
The first and most important is that Generic Viagra doesn’t make you 21 years old again. If you are a 45 years old man and you can still have sex, don’t take Viagra. It is not for you. Some men think that this is the drug to make them ‘superman’. You will be disappointed. Don’t mistake Viagra for aphrodisiacs. A 45 years old man who can’t ejaculate 7 time a week is not impotent. It is not proven that using Generic Viagra you can ejaculate everyday or several times a day.

Also, don’t expect Generic Viagra to maintain your erection like a 21 years man’s erection. Even if you take this pill, if you are over 45 years old, it is very probable that you can’t maintain your erection for more than 3 hours. And remember that you won’t get your erection immediately after you swallowed the blue pill. You first have to be sexually stimulated. Without a proper sexual stimulation, there will be no erection.
Generic Viagra can solve any type of erectile dysfunction, but for those suffering of diabetes the problem is harder to solve. Also for the patients who smoke 3 packages of cigarettes daily and expect their problem to be cured miraculously. They should be sent to a cardiologist. According to the statistics, the diseases that are responsible for 70% of the erectile dysfunctions are diabetes, kidney affections, multiple sclerosis and arteries-sclerosis.

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