Romance is a factor in every long lasting relationship. It is a great feeling when two people come together and find closeness and intimacy. However, there are times when this peace can be disturbed by internal or external factors.

Erectile dysfunction is an unusual problem for men under the age of 50, but there are reported cases of men going through this earlier in life. It can occur in any male individual at any time, for various reasons, but it has the same consequences regardless of when it happens. Generic Viagra is the most common treatment used by gentlemen who are faced with ED. Apart from being a medical condition that affects the body in a direct way, it can also have other implications. When one finds himself in a situation such as this, while having a romantic relationship at the same time, it becomes increasingly difficult to face.

If a man has erectile dysfunction the chances of psychological ramifications are big. ED can also affect the way that a man views himself. A problem in the genital area can be very delicate and take a toll on the male ego and decrease self-esteem. Not only does ED make sex virtually impossible, but it is also a reason for depression for some, which will not be able to enjoy the relationship at all. Not because of the lack of sex, but because he can feel like he is letting his partner down.

Viagra can treat the underlying condition of these problems and avoid the feelings of guilt and inadequacy that come into the relationship and can ruin a very good thing sometimes. With one tablet of Sildenafil Citrate prior to intercourse, the man will be able to obtain an erection and keep it for a longer period, allowing every night to be special again.

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