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Generic Viagra Coffee?

Generic Viagra is available in multiple forms, shapes and colors, but now a new bizarre form of generic Viagra has reached the market. We are talking about a self proclaimed “magic” coffee that supposedly provides the same effect as generic Viagra, but is is only made with natural ingredients. This apparently new wonder looks and tastes just like a regular coffee drink, however it is made with several natural (and considerably popular) aphrodisiacs, some of them being horny goat weed, American ginseng and goji berries. However, and here comes the interesting part, this magic coffee includes an extra ingredient that is not mentioned on the ingredient list, we are talking about hydroxythiohomosildenafil a close cousin of Sildenafil, generic Viagra’s main ingredient.

Sounds pretty good right? The major problem with this is that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) never approved this substance in the first place, the main reason: its side effects haven’t been studied enough. As a matter of fact, hydroxythiohomosildenafil is a Frankenstein version of generic Viagra, making it not only dangerous but also less effective. Because this coffee is misleadingly branded a natural health supplement, many buyers are under the impression that it has no side effects whatsoever, which is not true. Remember that every single medication, even generic Viagra, has side effects, however before they are approved, this side effects are throughly studied in order to guarantee the consumer’s well being.

This cup o’joe won’t certainly wake you up, in neither way. Even worse, it could possibly cause you health complications such as extremely low blood pressure and dizziness. And if you ever decide to take a cup of this magic coffee with your heart medication, the combination could be lethal. Why? Because just as Sildenafil, hydroxythiohomosildenafil doesn’t get along with drugs like nitroglycerin. A good clue of why this “magic” coffee is not so magic is that is only sold by shady websites with no reputation or certification at all. The FDA states on their website that this product shouldn’t be used since it puts your health under major risk and also requested a voluntary recall from the distributors.

Because all the mentioned above, the FDA recommends to take only registered, safe medications. And even more important, why would you waste your money in something that you are not even sure it works? So the next time you want to wake up Mr. Winky, try generic Viagra instead and enjoy the safe, pleasant effects that it can give you, cause a cup of this magic java won’t work

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Generic Viagra: Red Wine's Greatest Companion

Generic Viagra and its relationship with alcohol has been discussed for a lot time now. A lot of thing has been said about whether alcohol intake is beneficial or not for men suffering from erectile dysfunction, but according to what some recent studies have shown, moderate alcohol intake, more specifically red wine intake, could be beneficial for your sexual health and general wellbeing.

This study was directed by Japanese scientists, and its main purpose was to try to develop a new erectile dysfunction medication similar to generic Viagra, but they came up with more than interesting results to share with the world. Probably the most important of the discoveries is a substance present in wine that produces similar effects to generic Viagra, more precisely, the expansion of the blood vessels. Remember that erectile dysfunction is mainly caused by poor circulation to the penis, disabling a man from having an erection.

Now, this doesn’t give you a free pass to alcohol consumption, since as everything in life, excess is a no no here. The study made very clear that a moderate consumption of red wine is required in order to improve the results of generic Viagra. On the other hand, an excessive intake of red wine (or any kind of alcohol actually) may cause the exact opposite effect. Heavy drinking from an extended period of time is the cause of many health complications, such as narrowing of the blood vessels, that consequently ends up in erectile dysfunction. This type of erectile dysfunction in particular is called alcohol impotence and even though it is treatable with generic Viagra, some of the related conditions are not, take for example severe damage to the nerves in the penis, disruption of the hormonal levels (estrogen and testosterone specially) and even worst, chronic sexual under-performance.

If you thought that alcohol consequences were only long-term, you were wrong. Even in short term, excessive alcohol consumption can have devastating aftereffects for your sexual performance, and probably the best example of this is, is the infamous “brewers droop” also known as “drunk man’s droop” which is basically a short term, temporary form erectile dysfunction that impends the man from having an erection even when he is being heavily stimulated. Generic Viagra works in cases of brewers droop, however, as it is mentioned above, this doesn’t give you free pass to do it regularly, specially if you don’t want to end up with a permanent, chronic complication.

As a conclusion, keep in mind that generic Viagra works great by its own, but in case you want to boost its effectiveness with a moderate amount of red wine you are encourage to do so. However, remember that excesses are not good, specially when the excess in question is alcohol. If you want your generic Viagra to work, make yourself a favor and drink with moderation.

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Generic Viagra Helps Depressed Women

We all know how generic Viagra helps thousands of men to overcome their erectile dysfunction complications, but have you ever considered that generic Viagra could help women too? Well, according to a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association generic Viagra could be useful for women suffering from depression. One of the main side effects of almost every anti depressant, specially in women, is the sexual impotence. Yes, I got news for you, women also suffer from sexual impotence, and its more common than what you believe. Actually, in a study made in 150 000 women, about 40% of them suffered from some kind of sexual impotence and were potential candidates of a generic Viagra prescription.

This study focused on women between 30 and 70 years old, being 50 the average age and its main purpose was to determine the effects of generic Viagra in women suffering from Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (also known as FSAD) and Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, or HSDD. The study concluded that in the case of women suffering from FSAD the results of a daily dose of generic Viagra were surprisingly beneficial. For those of you who don’t know what FSAD is, here is a quick definition. Female Sexual Arousal Disorder is the inability of achieve arousal or when achieved, not being able to follow the standard stages of it. The study showed that when women took generic Viagra, it was easier for them to get aroused when stimulated, and in most cases it concluded in orgasm. The main reason for this is that FSAD present some physical symptoms such as lack of lubrication and blood flow to the genitals (just as ED).

On the other hand, the results of generic Viagra on women suffering from Hypoactive Sexual Disorder (HSDD) weren’t as good as expected. HSDD is the lack of interest on sexual overtures, stimulation and activity in general. Lets keep in mind that generic Viagra is not an aphrodisiac, it actually works on the expansion of blood vessels, particularly on the genitals, so its effects on women with zero sex drive wasn’t very noticeable. It is believed that most of the cases of HSDD are due to underlying emotional and psychological conditions, and it requires a different type of treatment.

So if your partner is one of the thousands of women suffering from sexual impotence make sure to pay a visit to the doctor and get a generic Viagra prescription. And if you are woman suffering from this condition, keep in mind that you are not the only one. A visit to the doctor could make a 360 degree change in your life, a change you won’t regret.

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