The common thought among many men with erectile dysfunction is that if they wait long enough, the condition will simply go away with time. However, ED is a pressing matter and a man should address it as soon as he realizes it is an issue. Times have changed since ED was an unspeakable topic and men should now feel comfortable in discussing their erectile problems both with their partner as well as a local doctor. By taking care of the problem early with Generic Viagra or a similar medication like Kamagra, the man will be able to avoid the complications that are often a part of chronic erectile dysfunction.

One of the main problems that generic Viagra works against is the obvious lack of a bodily response to sexual stimuli. The drug uses a compound known as Sildenafil Citrate to infiltrate areas where the enzyme balance has been upset, with too much of the PDE5 enzyme being created. In these locations, usually the penis or arterial walls of the lungs, the Sildenafil becomes bound to the PDE5 and brings the normal function of the man’s sexual response system back. Viagra Online is known to work quickly, with most men being able to have an erection between 30 minutes and 1 hour after they swallow the pill.

The other issues that using generic Viagra will take care of is the man’s self esteem. In losing the ability to have sexual intercourse, many men go through a lowering of self esteem and confidence. This change is because they are no longer sure that their body will work during a sexual encounter. In addition, a bad experience or two will leave the man feeling disappointed about his sexual expectations not being met. Using the right medication will correct the man’s image of himself and he will return to being confident in dealing with a sexual situation.

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