Happily Ever After

Erectile dysfunction is generally caused as the result of a larger, although sometimes unidentified, health condition. Some of the most common causes for erectile dysfunction are aging, diabetes, cancer, depression, obesity, and impotence caused as the side effect of another medication. Viagra and Kamagra treat erectile dysfunction regardless of its cause, so men suffering from all of these conditions can find effective treatment. This miraculous remedy contains a chemical compound called Sildenafil Citrate, which works to gently increase the flow of blood throughout the body. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction don’t get enough blood flow to the penis during arousal, but Viagra and similar products like Kamagra Gel or Kamagra Jellies can treat this by inhibiting an enzyme that slows the flow of blood. In turn, users experience erections that are fuller, healthier, more sensitive in the nerve endings and able to be sustained for longer prior to erection.

Chronic health conditions have been statistically shown to place a strain on romantic relationships, especially those that are long-term. Another statistical finding shows that relationships marked by a loss of sexual intimacy are much more likely to end in divorce. Because it reintroduces a healthy sex life to the routines of people who had lost their intimacy at a difficult time in their relationship, Sildenafil Citrate can literally save a marriage. An additional factor central to the success of a long-term relationship is oxytocin, a naturally-occurring hormone that enables us to feel close to other people. It is always released in some amount during intercourse, but Sildenafil Citrate has been clinically proven to triple the amount of oxytocin that is released. Because Viagra makes men more sensitive and skillful lovers, restores intimacy and stimulates the release and benefits of oxytocin, relationships as a whole are improved as a direct result of improved intimacy. If you’re reading to start living happily ever after with your spouse, Viagra is the right medication for you.