The shame and guilt that are common with the condition of erectile dysfunction may cause a man to lose his usual confidence and stop being proud of his ability to provide sexual satisfaction. This effect of the problem on a man’s confidence and self esteem is well documented and many men silently suffer through the problem. In place of this doubt about his sexual function, a man can learn to walk tall again when he chooses to take generic Viagra to improve his sexual response.

Having enjoyable sexual activity is not only about the physical act, but also about the man’s mental perception of the encounter. With ED, both of these aspects are equally affected and the man’s sexual performance will reach new lows until he tries generic Viagra. From the physical side, he will not be able to engage in activities that require a firm erection, such as intercourse. Most men with ED still have mental arousal, meaning that they think they are ready for action, but the lack of a physical manifestation of their desire makes acting on the urge quite difficult. In a similar vein, a man that enters a sexual situation with confidence will receive more pleasure and satisfaction from the event. When that confidence is eroded away, the man will be timid and not able to really savor the moment.

The beauty about generic Viagra Online is that it is an elegant solution to both problems. By fixing the physical issue, the sexual confidence will return with lightning speed. A man who used to have ED, but now has the exceptional erectile function obtained from generic Viagra will enter into a sexual situation walking tall with the full knowledge that all of his body parts will once again have the right response to sexual arousal and stimulation.

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