There is a common issue that is always associated with men and vasectomy and that is, can a vasectomy affects a male’s sex life? Well, after an extensive research on the subject the answer is no. The vasectomy is not a cause that can reduce a man’s ability to enjoy sex. This procedures only eliminates the ability of a man to father a child, but when it comes to erection and ejaculation there is no difference after the surgery.

However there are a few cases when having a vasectomy can result in erectile dysfunction problems. Even thought the nerves and the arteries that supply blood flow to the penis are not involved in the procedure, the risk is out there and even thought it is a low risk surgery, there still may be complications. The possible causes for erectile dysfunction after a vasectomy beside nerve or muscle damage, can also be related to hormonal problems that the man was already suffering before the surgery but were not triggered until after the procedure. But the most common cause for ED after a vasectomy is the psychological issue that leads some men to believe that after the surgery their manhood has been diminished. Fortunately for men who Buy Viagra, this is an effective solution to cure ED, whether it is caused by physical or psychological reasons.

Generic Viagra Online has the ability to improve blood flow to the penis and provide harder and longer erections helping man that are suffering from ED to regain their sexual potency and perform like they used to or better. No matter what the cause of the problem is, the best answer for this condition is to start a Viagra treatment. And remember that ED is a condition that affects millions of men around the world so you are not alone, talk openly about the issue and try out generic Viagra or a similar med like Kamagra Jellies to boost your confidence and face the problem with a better attitude.

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