Dealing with erectile dysfunction can cast a shadow over your entire life. It does not matter if you are physically in the bedroom or not, ED can make you feel like half the man you were with no end to the suffering in sight. Men with ED usually suffer with confidence issues in other aspects of their lives, and in order to regain top form again, they need a boost that will allow them to enjoy the measure of who they were in their primes. Luckily, ED treatments have come a long way since the start of the 21st Century. Today, instead of relying on those embarrassing and potentially dangerous penis pumps to get a rise for sex or costly and potentially painful penile implant surgery, a man can return to his old self simply by taking a pill called Viagra prior to sexual activity.

Just how soon you take the pill is up to you, though it is generally recommended 45 minutes to 1 hour before foreplay, but once you have Viagra in your system, it is easier to get and keep an erection. And not only will you have an erection that will allow you to enter into sexual activity, but you will have one that is harder and fuller than anything you have experienced before. It is not magic, just simple biology. Once the pill has entered your system, it increases blood flow when the brain receptors for sexual arousal are targeted. Instead of this blood flow being stopped by overactive PDE-5 enzymes, Viagra inhibits the enzymes and allows full access of flow to the soft penile tissues.

Viagra Online is the answer for many men, who are looking to get to top form again. It is the answer because it works. Clinical studies and billions of dollars in sales cannot be wrong. So stop dreaming about the man you wish you could be and take charge of the future today.

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