Erectile dysfunction is a serious illness that manages to affect the intimate life of any male at a certain age. Though it can be caused by a number of factors, the most common reason for ED is old age.

The human body withers away with the passing years and every decade brings with it important changes in men and women. After a certain age changes are no longer welcome as things tend to go only for the worst. And one of the worst things to happen to a man is to become impotent.

Impotence is fought in this day and age by modern medication that has granted the ability for every male to continue a healthy and normal sexual life with his partner or in his family. Generic Viagra is the most efficient remedy for ED and provides efficient results in a matter of less than an hour.

No matter the age that a man may find himself unable to perform in the bedroom as he once did Viagra is most likely able to help. It works through a simple procedure of relaxing muscles and increasing blood flow. Once the drug is taken, it takes about 30 minutes for it to have its effect. The genital area feels more relaxed at first, releasing the blood vessels, which will be now able to transport more blood into the penis. At last, this finally calls for an erection, once the male is sexually aroused.

Many are those who have to suffer the shame of this condition and many are afraid to share this information with the world; but those who take the brave way act in order to achieve a better life with their partner. Viagra has been helping many over the years and the elderly as long as those more younger are able to enjoy intimate relationships as good as always.

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